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A zero waste, zero emissions menu: it can be done!

Producing food often involves activities that cause waste and pollution. But there are great things happening…

06 February 2020

5G Revolution

5G is coming soon. Already widespread in much of China, the new generation in mobile data transmission is being tried out in a range of cities in America and Europe, including Italy…


From Mattei to the present day: Eni leading the conversation

Eni’s commitment to provide information and its ability to come up with new, original editorial content continues to this day.


Three options to combat global warming

Mitigation, climate engineering and adaptation are the tools at hand to combat climate change.

26 March 2020

The benefits of biofuels

They can have a lower net greenhouse gas emission balance than traditional fuels and, if advanced, do not compete with agricultural production for the food market.

22 July 2020

Protecting biodiversity: a matter of best practices

An interview with Pippa Howard, director of the Business & Biodiversity programme at Fauna & Flora International.

06 November 2020

The who’s who of energy

The economic transition in the Gulf countries is mostly being led by young ministers, cosmopolitan and sensitive to the new dynamics.

03 April 2019

Europe, the Answer to Pollution is Technology

Digital can be a remarkable help in the fight against climate change especially in regards to efficiency as shown in the smart grid.

06 November 2019

Plants that protect the environment

Clean polluted soil with plants: now it can be done. Eni is developing methods for the remediation of soils contaminated by heavy metals and organic compounds using combinations of plants and particular microorganisms.

07 August 2020

GCC: Rapid Change in the Energy Sector

Change is vital in order to achieve an economically, socially and environmentally secure and sustainable transition, and it needs to be accompanied by the promotion of new energy measures ranging from the increased use of renewables to energy efficiency policies and the removal of subsidies


A sustainable toast

A lab-made wine and spirits has a new formula to reduce carbon emission by shaping molecular alcoholic beverages.

03 June 2020

Nuclear detectives: inspecting atoms

A team of professionals from around the world is working with governments and secret services to reduce the risk of nuclear attacks.

05 February 2020