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A Scottish island entirely renewable

Energy independence can be achieved even in the most remote places, thanks to access to alternative energy sources.


New energy for Africa, from renewables to gas

To remedy constant black-outs, they have fixed their efforts on renewables. A big gas field discovered by Eni is going to change history.

06 February 2020

Gas comes into play

One of the effects of the crisis caused by the pandemic is the reduced availability of economic resources. In the current context of uncertainty, gas arguably has a bigger role to play in the energy transition than before. However, the contribution of this abundant energy carrier to reducing polluting emissions does not convince everyone and its potential varies by region.

24 September 2020

Eni’s faces

We would like to introduce you to Alessandra, Claudia, Giuseppe, Francesca, Carlo, and so on. But they are not just names, they are our people.


Helsinki, the capital of decarbonization

The initiatives taken by the Finnish capital to become a fully ecological city.

29 July 2020

Closing Gaps and Financing Taps

In many countries in the sub-Saharan region, the financing capacity of individuals and governments is small compared to the amount of resources needed to guarantee that rural populations have access to water.

18 June 2020

The Periodic Table curiosities

The 2019 is an important year for the Dmitri Mendeleev’s Periodic Table of Chemical Elements.

05 February 2020

Taming the Nine Dragons

China has invested significantly in managing the development of its water resources and in developing a more balanced and sustainable growth path.

29 May 2020

Forests devouring CO₂

Planting trees can play a huge role in limiting the impact of climate change, thanks to their capacity to absorb CO₂.

03 February 2020

The thaw can wait

In his first two years in office, the U.S. president has failed to achieve the rapprochement with Russia he promised to seek during during the 2016 campaign, and there is reason to believe that concrete results on this front will elude him over the next two years

24 January 2019

Decarbonizing the energy mix via renewables

Renewables are energy sources with greenhouse gas emissions of or close to zero. The most promising are solar and wind power.

10 March 2020

Mistakes to avoid before COP 26

The next meeting, in November 2020 in Glasgow, is at risk of becoming a point of no return for the climate, energy and development issues.

09 January 2020