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Circularity that inspires businesses

In Italy and around the world, there’s a proliferation of business projects based on the circular economy.


Biorefineries, strategic to carbon neutrality by 2050

Biorefineries produce advanced biofuels HVO from vegetable oil, agricultural waste and other organic raw materials.


Exploring Algeria

The growth in renewables in the last few years in Algeria is in a sense surprising.


Water: a sustainable resource

Among the main global risks, it requires efficient management to meet the needs of a growing population.


Esploriamo la Cina

I cinesi - 1,4 miliardi - si confermano i principali consumatori di energia del pianeta con il 23,6% dei consumi.


Esploriamo la Nigeria

Dal 1962 contribuiamo alla crescita socio-economica del Paese.


Growing together: energy fuels local development

Education, health, economic diversification, access to water and energy. We draw inspiration from the SDGs in our work.

14 May 2020

Opening up opportunities

CO2 can be captured and then reused or stored, making it the basis for a virtuous cycle of industrial development.


Supercomputers against the pandemic

Researchers are using digital technology more and more in their hunt for new cures for Covid-19.

18 May 2020

Natural gas, the strongest bridge to a sustainable future

The best fossil fuel for integrating with renewables in the energy transition.


The smart side of circularity

The circular economy is constantly revisiting everyday products and services in new and creative ways.


Digital scenarios

Data, technologies, skills: digital innovation is transforming the world we live in by offering new solutions.

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