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Supercomputers against the pandemic

Researchers are using digital technology more and more in their hunt for new cures for Covid-19.

18 May 2020

Growing together: alliances for development

Our investment is aimed at projects of education, health care and access to water and energy.

14 May 2020

Great challenges on the African continent

Africa is going through a series of transformations, from a rapid process of urbanisation to the effects of climate change


Natural gas, the strongest bridge to a sustainable future

The best fossil fuel for integrating with renewables in the energy transition.


The faces of Eni

"The faces of Eni" is a series of videos presenting our people.


A better planet thanks to a circular economy

Initiatives to eliminate production waste, by recycling and reusing materials.

04 November 2019

International Literacy Day

8th September is International Literacy Day, and the theme for 2019 is “literacy and multilingualism”.


Esploriamo la Nigeria

Dal 1962 contribuiamo alla crescita socio-economica del Paese.


Exploring Algeria

The growth in renewables in the last few years in Algeria is in a sense surprising.


Protecting forests in Africa

The preservation of the continent's forestry assets is an integral part of our low-carbon strategy.


Exploring Ghana

Ghana was the first British colony in sub-Saharan Africa to gain independence.


Esploriamo la Cina

I cinesi - 1,4 miliardi - si confermano i principali consumatori di energia del pianeta con il 23,6% dei consumi.

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