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Plastic in the sea and good recycling practices

Even the rubbish that washes up on our beaches provides new opportunities for growth.


Exploring Egypt

Our story in this country is intimately linked to the Nile and the fertile land around it.


Water, the most precious resource in the world

22 March is Wordl Water Day, introduced by the UN in 1992.

22 March 2019

Esploriamo la Cina

I cinesi - 1,4 miliardi - si confermano i principali consumatori di energia del pianeta con il 23,6% dei consumi.


Circularity that inspires businesses

In Italy and around the world, there’s a proliferation of business projects based on the circular economy.


Exploring Algeria

The growth in renewables in the last few years in Algeria is in a sense surprising.


Bio-refining is circular

The advanced HVO biofuel we produce in Venice and Gela is made from organic raw materials.

04 November 2019

Schools spread the light of learning

Ensuring the right to education for children who would otherwise not have it is the first step towards development.


Exploring the United States

The American economy is expanding greatly and in 2018 joined the OGCI, through three of its leading companies.


News from the Eni of the future

By 2050, Eni will be a fully carbon-neutral energy company. How will we accomplish this?


Water: a sustainable resource

Among the main global risks, it requires efficient management to meet the needs of a growing population.


Exploring Mozambique

The history of Mozambique is entwined with the life of explorer Vasco da Gama, who landed on its coast in 1498.

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