The thousand faces of Kenya

Louis Nderi is a photographer born in Kenya. His projects focus on people chosen on the basis of their vocation or among communities. His reportages are striking for the almost intimate relationship that is created between the subject and the photographer.

The EFI, funded by the United Nations, has the goal to empower local artisans, to create luxury works for the market.

Ethical Fashion Initiative (EFI) is an initiative that aims to change the way the international fashion business works. EFI wants to allow local artisans to acquire skills in the fields of screen printing and crochet design.

The artisans are trained by EFI on how to make very high-quality products; this gives them the opportunity of regular income, improving the circumstances of their families and their communities.

Tribal Stylez is a Kenyan line of bespoke jewelry featuring dynamic combinations of bone, horn and other upcycled materials.

The photos of the jewelry line are taken from a look book created to showcase these unique creations.

Represent is a photo story that portrays the musicians from the city, each against the “backdrop” that best represents them as artists and their inspiration to make art.

Urban artists paint the picture of Kenyan music today. The idea is to show where youth inspiration to make music comes from and also to indicate where this inspiration is headed next.

Represent adds new images portraying Kenyan musicians. Each artist is against the “backdrop” that represents them as artists and the importance of belonging to the wonderful land of Kenya.

The most exciting business incubator on this side of the Sahara. Stanford SEED is a veritable breakthrough that has been transforming the African business landscape for 8 years.