Eni's managers

Claudio Descalzi Chief Executive Officer

Lucia Calvosa Chairman of the Board

Luca Bertelli Deputy of Chief Operating Officer Natural Resources

Guido Brusco Chief Operating Officer Natural Resources

Gianfranco Cariola Director Internal Audit

Grazia Fimiani Director Integrated Risk Management

Luca Franceschini Head of Integrated Compliance and Board Secretary

Francesco Gattei Chief Financial Officer

Claudio Granata Director Human Capital & Procurement Coordination

Erika Mandraffino Director External Communication

Lapo Pistelli Director Public Affairs

Giuseppe Ricci Chief Operating Officer Energy Evolution

Roberto Ulissi Director Corporate Affairs and Governance

Francesca Zarri Director Technology, R&D & Digital

Eni's managers

Pictures of Eni's management and up-to-date, downloadable biographies are shown in the photo gallery above. Click on the "Gallery" button on the right to scroll through the images.