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Our integrated activities

We work in 66 countries. Our goal is to help create a low-carbon world, where everyone has access to efficient and sustainable energy resources.

Energy in a circular economy

The key challenge in our sector is to provide access to efficient, sustainable energy that is universally available, while addressing the issue of climate change. This is already having a positive effect on how we produce energy and will inevitably lead to new consumption models. More specifically, the concept of the circular economy, which is changing the way companies think and manufacture all over the world, means that from now on, materials previously referred to as "waste" will increasingly be seen as elements that can be used to produce fuel and energy.

Extraction to sale, from Africa to the United States

Exploration, extraction, transportation, refining, marketing and sales – these are just some of the activities that define our work. In recent years, our technologies have enabled us to undertake exploration activities in Italy as well as Algeria, Angola, Congo, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Ghana, Libya, Mozambique, Nigeria, Norway, Oman, Kazakhstan, the United Kingdom and the United States. This exploration work has enabled early monetisation of discoveries and the optimisation of time-to-market and hydrocarbon reserves, while boosting operational efficiency and reducing the break-even price. 


Production: a long and integrated value chain

We have invested heavily in the study of fields and in the extraction of raw materials, developing assets that allow us to reduce risks and minimise lead times. We use proprietary technologies, licences and instruments for exploration and a cutting-edge geophysical interpretation model. Efficiency and sustainability have been central to the recent restructuring of our Mid-Downstream sector, from Gas & Power to gas retail and from refining to marketing and finally to chemistry.

Energy transition – a primary commitment

We are an energy company that integrates technology and sustainability in all its business areas, in line with the Sustainable Development Goals set out by the UN in 2015. Our entire value and production chain is founded upon the single goal of achieving full decarbonization. As the world continues to demand more energy, we are responding with a mix of natural gas and renewables, pursuing a path that will ensure the gradual and economically sustainable replacement of high-carbon sources with cleaner alternatives. These clearly defined policies, which apply around the world and successfully attract investment, allow us to focus on what we do best: bringing our skills and expertise to the transition towards low-carbon sources such as renewable energy and natural gas.

The energy of tomorrow: renewable and “circular”

A number of initiatives, such as Progetto Italia, bear witness to this commitment. As part of this project, photovoltaic plants were installed to serve some of our key energy-intensive production activities. Additionally, we launched the Waste to Fuel pilot plant at the Gela Refinery in December 2018. Featuring patented Eni technology that reflects principles of the circular economy, this solution enables the organic fraction of municipal solid waste to be converted into bio-oil, which can then be used as ship fuel or to generate biodiesel. Following the conversion process, the Gela bio-refinery was officially inaugurated in September 2019. Thanks to a total investment of more than €350m, the old plant will now be able to treat up to 750,000 tonnes of waste per year. We took similar action in Venice, where the plants at Porto Marghera serve as the first example in the world in which a refinery has been transformed into a bio-refinery

These are just some examples of how our commitment to sustainability and our focus on energy transition are applied to our activities in Italy and around the world.