ENI, raffineria di Milazzo

South Research Centre: chemical analyses and pilot plants

In our Milazzo laboratories and pilot plants we carry out analyses in support of the industrial activities of sector players, and Eni's refineries and biorefineries.

Solutions for Customers

Our South Research Centre is located in Milazzo, Sicily. Since 1997 it has been managing pilot plants which simulate the refinery and biorefinery processes for the conversion and fractioning of distillates, residues and biofeedstocks. It is specialised in:

  • evaluation of petroleum products and plant-based feedstocks for various processes
  • screening of catalysts
  • optimisation of process parameters

The centre’s expertise are in step with the energy transition. We have carried out the following activities here:

  • pilot tests of co-feeding in preparation for the production of SAF (Sustainable Aviation Fuel) in Eni's Taranto refinery, obtained by co-feeding the conventional plants with UCO (Used Cooking Oil)
  • simulation on a pilot scale of the Ecofining™ process, developed by Eni and Honeywell UOP, for the production of pure HVO (Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil) from plant-based products.

The centre is able to carry out screening tests for the selection of catalysts for deoxygenation and isomerisation for the production of biofuels, and is engaged in the development of new technologies for the purification of vegetable oils for sustainable mobility.

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Customer-Centric Focus

We offer tailor-made solutions for every customer, and work in accordance with the provisions of our Service Charter. We work in an objective, impartial and totally confidential manner, incorporating the best technologies, organisational and procedural solutions. We exchange feedback with the customer throughout each project to keep track of the efficiency and quality of our services.

The centre has carried out technological benchmarking pilot tests for the selection of catalysts, assessment of the feed products and optimisation of the process parameters. It has carried out cofeeding tests on the conventional plants with vegetable oils. In the biorefinery field, the centre has systems able to simulate the Ecofining process on a pilot scale to produce HVO from plant-based feedstocks. It has carried out screening tests on catalysts for both the first and second stage of Ecofining. It is engaged in the development of technologies for the purification of vegetable oils.


The centre is able to carry out screening tests of catalysts and feed products. It also boasts equipment for the artificial deactivation of fresh catalysts.


The centre also features pilot plants able to simulate the lube cycle of the Livorno refinery: fractioning of atmospheric residues, extraction of the vacuum fractions with furfural, deparaffinisation of the refined products to obtain the lube bases. It is also possible to carry out hydrofinishing tests of waxes and base oils, and screening tests of dewaxing aids for the Livorno MEK2 plant.


Our Laboratories

The centre features a full complement of specialised laboratories, with cutting-edge analytical equipment for all activities carried out in the pilot units and in the lab, and we provide clients with reliable information in conformity with international standards. Since 1997 the centre has developed a high level of know-how, and offers a key contribution to the continuous improvement and renewal of Eni's corporate structure.

Milazzo Impianto  Slurry Tecnology

Eni Slurry Technology (EST) Pilot Unit

Eni has developed this proprietary technology for the conversion of heavy feed products. This pilot plant, the only one of its kind in the world, offers potential customers precious info on EST.

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The Centre's Certifications

Since 2007 the laboratories have achieved  ACCREDIA UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17025 (No. 1044L Site E). We are accredited for tests supporting refineries and biorefineries, implementing the requirements for the exchange of emissions quotas. Subsequently, the accreditation was extended to the analyses required for pilot plant testing, in order to guarantee the quality of the results issued by the laboratories.

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Our Health, Safety and Environment Policy

Our most important resource is people, their skills and their energy. In keeping with Eni's policies and guidelines, the Centre has adopted its own Health, Safety, Environment and Major Incident Prevention Policy, and has developed a management system. With a view to the continuous improvement of its environmental performance, the centre applied for ISO 14001 certification, which was awarded in December 2006. The Centre is also ISO 45001 certified (Workplace Health and Safety).