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Venice biorefinery: the first refinery to become bio

In 2014, we opened the first biorefinery converted from a traditional refinery thanks to a proprietary patent.

The biorefinery

In 2014, we launched the world’s first biorefinery converted from a traditional refinery. Located in Venice, the conversion was made possible by Eni’s own patented innovations. In 2019, the Porto Marghera biorefinery's feedstock was about 25% alternatives to palm oil, with peaks of up to 50%. This was mostly made up of used vegetable and frying oils, but also advanced feedstocks under the RED Directive (soap pastes and other advanced by products) and animal fats. At the Venice bio-refinery, we currently use about 50% of the used cooking oils available in Italy, thanks to agreements with the consortia and municipal companies that deal with the collection of urban waste.

The plant is powered by certified vegetable oil and purified cooking oil

The Venice plant produces bio-diesel with EcofiningTM technology. In June 2018, a purification plant started up which allows the processing of crude instead of pre-treated vegetable oils, to increase the amount of cooking and vegetable oils and animal fats used. From 2024, a further upgrading of the plant will increase the bio-refinery processing capacity up to 560,000 tonnes per year with a total production of bio-diesel that will reach approximately 420,000 tonnes per year. The overall cost of the bio-refinery is 500 million euros, including research and other costs. It employs around 200 actual people (BP 2021-2024) and has created 200 induced jobs.