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The Venice bio-refinery

Our project in Venice is the first time in the world a traditional refinery has been converted into a bio-refinery.

The plant is powered by certified vegetable oil and purified cooking oil

Launched in May 2014, the bio-refinery is able to transform raw materials of a biological origin into high quality bio-fuels. It is currently mainly fed by vegetable oil (certified for its sustainability according to European standards), and up to a 15% by purified used cooking oil (UCOs). The Venice plant produces the biodiesel component HVO with EcofiningTM technology. In June 2018, a purification plant started up which allows the processing of crude instead of pre-treated vegetable oils, to increase the amount of cooking and vegetable oils and animal fats used. From 2021, a further upgrading of the plant will increase the bio-refinery processing capacity. The overall cost of the bio-refinery is 500 million euros, including research, with the employment of around 180 people and over 200 people taken on.