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Val d’Agri’s environmental sustainability initiatives

Working with Eni Rewind, we’re engaged in the sustainable management of the water resources used in our production process in Basilicata.

Sustainable management of water used in the production process

Drawing on Eni Rewind’s experience in water treatment, and working in collaboration with Eni’s research laboratories and the planning and operations departments of the Val d’Agri Oil Centre (COVA), we’ve developed a technology known as Blue Water. This involves treating and recovering the water resources used in the Val d’Agri crude-oil extraction process. 

The Mini Blue Water plant has been designed to lessen the environmental impact of COVA operations, reducing the use of water resources by 85 per cent and making COVA self-sufficient where water is concerned. As such, it virtually cancels out the environmental impact of sourcing water from outside the area.

This investment represents a major improvement in terms of environmental sustainability. The Mini Blue Water plant uses the same chemicals and operates in a very similar way as traditional urban and industrial wastewater purification facilities, such as those of the ASI. The only residual waste of this purification process is saline and mud, which is treated and disposed of externally. The purified water is of industrial, demineralised standard – very similar to the distilled water used for domestic purposes.