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Val d’Agri: the Energy Valley project

The aim is to create a new production model based on economic diversification, sustainability and the circular economy.

In synergy with the local area

Building on our long-established presence at Val d’Agri, we have launched an integrated “Energy Valley” project in the area around the Val d’Agri Oil Centre (COVA). The aim is to create a zone encouraging economic diversification, environmental sustainability and the circular economy. The programme involves projects reflecting a high level of sustainability and/or innovation, collaborative ventures with local stakeholders and initiatives to improve sectors including agriculture in the surrounding area. Key aspects of the programme include sustainable management of resources, economic development and job creation, energy efficiency, research and technological innovation. 

The projects, most of which are now under way, are based on innovative technological solutions as well as corporate experience and knowledge. They draw on cutting-edge digital technology and involve collaborations with universities and research centres – including the CNR, ENEA, University of Basilicata and University of Naples Federico II. The ultimate objective is to create a virtuous system in the local area, consistent with our new business model and making best use of local opportunities, while respecting the community and recovering and developing any available resources. 

From Mini Blue Water to the Agrivanda project

Energy Valley consists of diverse projects, including:

• Initiatives focusing on high levels of environmental sustainability and reducing environmental impact, such as the Mini Blue Water plant and photovoltaic installations, which have been created to help meet COVA’s energy requirements.

• A Technology Hub to stimulate innovation around renewable energy and the circular economy; undertaking research and testing technological solutions, providing technical training and assistance in pilot phases; and supporting the companies involved.

• Initiatives to improve and diversify agriculture, such as an agricultural experimentation and training centre and the Agrivanda project, which involves the cultivation of medicinal herbs, laboratory work, teaching activities and environmental monitoring based on beekeeping

• An Environmental Monitoring Centre that will gather and analyse data around COVA and the surrounding areas, 24 hours a day throughout the year. This data will be published regularly through various media in line with our desire to be transparent about our activities.

Our plans

The aim of Energy Valley is to generate significant social and economic benefits for the local area. These will include new opportunities for entrepreneurial development in the energy sector, agriculture and technological innovation, and skills transfer through local training. The total investment will amount to around €80 million. The Energy Valley programme supports our efforts regarding openness and transparency. These include our Energie Aperte initiative (trialled for the first time in Italy at Val d’Agri in 2018), where we open the doors of our plants and offer the public a guided tour of the whole production process. Also, our Energy Touch project, which involved creating an interactive digital network to give absolute transparency regarding our activities in Basilicata, including all figures, data and latest news. Using 10 interactive, 55-inch touchscreens, members of the public can see information on our key activities, as well as updates on the environmental clean-up of the area affected by the spill in February 2017. They can also monitor data on environmental issues and view the digital version of our magazine Orizzonti: Ideas from the Val d’Agri.