Our digital transformation starts from COVA

The Val d’Agri Oil Center in Basilicata is the first fully digitized plant where the most innovative technologies are found.

A model example for production sites in Italy and around the world

Digital transformation is fundamental when it comes to improving health, safety and the environment, production efficiency, and the management and integrity of assets. It puts people in the driving seat, helps quantify skills and stimulates development. Our digitalization process has begun with the production facilities that represent the core of our activities. The Val d’Agri Oil Centre (COVA) has been chosen as our first “Digital Lighthouse” to demonstrate the capabilities of new digital systems, models and methods in a complex operating environment. The term “Digital Lighthouse” refers to a fully digitalized plant, equipped with the most innovative technologies to support efficiency and optimise processes and day-to-day working practices. 

The Integrated Operation Centre (IOC) gathers process and plant data

The digitalization of COVA is vital for asset integrity, security and smart operations, production optimisation, energy efficiency and maintenance support. This has led to the creation of an Integrated Operation Centre. This is a platform that gathers process and plant data, organised into 12 themes, which can be accessed on a smartphone.

Eni’s digital transformation – putting people at the centre

In undertaking the digital transformation of COVA, our new digital professionals (data scientists, data engineers and scrum masters) got together with operations staff in “Agile Rooms”. These small, cross-functional teams share their skills and experience to establish the plant’s new digital processes. This has led to a new way of working – valuing people’s skills and improving the work of each individual in terms of safety and efficiency.                                                                                          

The role of change management in transforming the company

The introduction of our digital initiatives has been supported by a programme of change management, which is vital in promoting a new approach to work. This has involved targeted activities that inform and involve staff, as well as training initiatives to develop personal skills. The training programme has been carried out by the Eni Digital Competence Centre. Change-management activities will be ongoing, underpinning the entire process of digital transformation.