Our activities in Val d'Agri

The largest onshore hydrocarbon field in Europe In Basilicata, where innovation drives our development model.

Innovation, efficiency and transparency for sustainable management of activities

We are operators of the Val d’Agri concession with 61%, while the remaining share belongs to Shell. The Centro Olio Val d’Agri di Viggiano (COVA) has a daily processing capacity of 104,000 barrels (approx. 16,500 m3 of oil) and 4,660,000 Sm3 of associated gas. We extract crude oil from the 24 wells currently in production in the Val d’Agri concession from the Monte Alpi, Monte Enoc and Cerro Falcone fields for approximately 47% of Eni’s domestic production in 2021. The crude oil is sent to the COVA for a first processing and then, through an oil pipeline, to the refinery in Taranto. The desulphurised, dehydrated and conditioned methane gas is fed into the Snam Rete Gas national distribution network, while the fossil water, purified of hydrocarbon and gas residues at the COVA, is fed back into the Costa Molina 2 well and disposed of in authorised treatment plants. Hydrocarbon production in Basilicata comes mainly from COVA and, to a lesser extent, from the Centro Olio di Pisticci and from the Pisticci gas plant.  Our operations in Basilicata are based on compliance with the highest international safety standards, as well as on dialogue and transparency with the local communities.