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The regeneration of Ponticelle-NOI in Ravenna

This ongoing project is a good example of the redevelopment of a reclamation area with a circular and low-carbon perspective.

The regeneration of a brownfield area in Ponticelle

The NOI Project (New Innovation Opportunities) that we are working on is an example of the redevelopment of an area with the principles of circular economy and low carbon footprint. The initiative is characterised by the joint work of different Eni and Eni Rewind units with the region. The project combines inclusiveness and sustainability in full synergy with the principles of the circular economy and is a concrete example of how reclamation can be an added value for the region, providing for the future development of the area from the planning stage. A virtuous combination that led to the rapid approval of the Reclamation Project for Permanent Remediation (MISP) and the Urban Implementation Plan (PUA). The model can be replicated on other sites, including those with different specifications, and is a winning combination of integration and innovation. The NOI Ponticelle Project deals with the redevelopment of a disused industrial area (26 HA) with a Permanent Remediation activity (capping 18 HA) and a development and requalification plan for the area. Our people have applied the most advanced and sustainable technologies from the conception to implementation stage, to ensure the area is available for new projects able to guarantee employment and economic development:

Technology Centre for Reclamation (CTB) for experimental checking of innovative reclamation technologies

Multi-purpose platform to maximise the sustainability of reclamation work

Photovoltaic system, including an Energy Storage System, which will provide 90% of the total energy produced at the new plants envisaged by the project.