The regeneration of Ponticelle in Ravenna

This ongoing project is a good example of the redevelopment of an abandoned industrial area with a circular and low-carbon perspective.

The regeneration of a brownfield area in Ponticelle

The project to revive Ponticelle, an abandoned industrial area outside the Ravenna petrochemical plant, combines inclusiveness and sustainability in full synergy with the principles of the circular economy and is a concrete example of how reclamation can represent an added value for the region, providing for the future development of the area in synergy with local stakeholders right from the planning stage. Through our environmental company Eni Rewind and Eni New Energy, a company dedicated to the development of energy from renewable sources, we are creating a virtuous operating model for improvement of the area. Today, Eni Rewind, owner of the area, is carrying out permanent safety work on 18 hectares out of a total of 26. The environmental work takes place before the start of the redevelopment plan which includes:

  • A photovoltaic system with storage lab The plant has been designed with the "zero consumption of new soil" principle in mind and will be built on the ground, in a part of the area where the permanent safety work has been done, and have a solar tracking system (with estimated power of about 6 MW) and an adjoining storage lab for storing energy
  • A soil bio-recovery platform through mechanical processing and bioremediation (biopile) The plant for the aerobic biodegradation of soils contaminated by hydrocarbons through the use of native microorganisms (bacteria) aims to recover and reuse a precious natural resource. It also includes a bio-laboratory where preventive analysis can be carried out to see that waste entering the plant is suitable and monitoring the status and effectiveness of bioremediation processes
  • A cutting-edge environmental platform for the management of industrial waste In 2020, we signed an agreement with the Hera Group, through Eni Rewind and Herambiente, to establish a joint company aimed at creating a multifunctional platform for the pre-processing and processing of special waste in the Ponticelle area. The initiative aims to make a concrete contribution to the management of special waste in Italy and to maximise the recovery of materials and energy. In particular, the platform will manage up to 60 thousand tonnes/year of waste produced by environmental and production activities, including those in the area, from a circular perspective and in line with the European directives of the Circular Economy Package implemented in Italy last September. The authorisation process will start in 2021
  • Urbanisation work  The productive regeneration envisages a system of equipment and services for the area.

2020 Eni local sustainability Report for Ravenna

Each year, we publish a comprehensive report on the activities of Eni companies at the Ravenna multi-company site. A major focus of the report is a closer look at the companies’ contribution towards the target of carbon neutrality by 2050. In detailing the progress that Eni companies operating in the Ravenna area are making in tackling the challenges around decarbonization and the energy transition, it reveals how these challenges have become even starker in the light of the pandemic. The document also places safety and respect for the environment in the spotlight.

The synergy that results from integrating expertise across Eni Group’s various companies is a key driver in creating value for all its local stakeholders – within a framework of partnerships with local authorities, companies, the community and local citizens.

The document forms part of Eni’s sustainability reporting, which also includes the 2020 Consolidated Disclosure of Non-Financial Information (NFI), drafted in accordance with Legislative Decree 254/2016, and Eni’s 2020 Sustainability Report. These can be consulted for further information.

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