Chemicals and the development of the elastomer sector in Ravenna

We produce the raw material to be transformed into tyres, technical products and paper.

Innovation and respect for the area

At our industrial site in Ravenna we produce elastomers, the raw material for applications such as tyres, technical items and paper. We are implementing a portfolio of renewal activities at the plants with new degrees of greater added value and improved environmental sustainability. In particular, we are completely renewing the product range for high performance and energy saving tyres, guaranteeing improved performance in the transformation and end use stages. Furthermore, we are optimising new grades of thermoplastic rubbers, with innovative technology, for high value-added applications in the fields of lubricating oil modification. Finally, Ravenna is integrated with the other production sites in the Paduan area and is home to a Research Center specialising in the development of elastomers and engaged in various innovative projects, including new functional elastomers.

In March 2021 through Versalis, Eni's chemical company in the production and marketing of elastomers, have signed a joint development agreement for the researchproduction and supply of synthetic rubber with advanced properties with Bridgestone EMIA, a leader in advanced mobility solutions. The Research and Development divisions of the two organizations will collaborate, using an Open Innovation model, to develop technologies and new elastomer grades, including Styrene Butadiene Rubber (SBR), for the production of high-performance tyres. Versalis will leverage the expertise of its Research Center at Ravenna and Ferrara, while Bridgestone will use its Technical Center Europe near Rome.


In the Refining & Marketing and Chemistry sector, specifically the availability of oxygenates, about 75% of these in 2020 are produced in Eni’s plants in Saudi Arabia (in joint venture with SABIC), Italy (Ravenna) and Venezuela (in joint venture with Pequiven) and the remaining 25% is purchased.