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Environmental reclamation in Priolo

The industrial site is an example of integration between business activities, groundwater reclamation and protection of local cultural heritage.

Water recovery

As part of Eni Rewind, we are working to decontaminate the groundwater in areas managed by Eni. This aquifer restoration work includes a system to produce and distribute demineralised water by recovering water that has been drained and treated by the facility. The treated water is then reused to produce steam in the Priolo power plant. Two million cubic metres of water are recovered every hour – water that would otherwise be taken from natural supplies.

Magnisi Peninsula

The clean-up of the EniMed area on the Magnisi Peninsula in Sicily is now complete. The process uncovered important archaeological finds from the city of Thapsos; one of the first Greek settlements in Italy. A conservation project was developed to manage the recovered artefacts under the instruction of Italy’s cultural heritage authorities. Lasting three years and currently awaiting certification, the €14 million project was managed by Eni Rewind.