Il risanamento di Porto Torres

Environmental reclamation in Porto Torres

In line with the principles of the circular economy, the project will allow abandoned land to be reclaimed for a new industrial life.

Reclamation and renewable energy

Since 2001, we have been engaged with Eni Rewind in an environmental clean-up of the Porto Torres industrial site. In 2010, again with Eni Rewind, we developed an environmental intervention plan, which was shared with the relevant authorities and local community and included in the Green Chemicals Protocol (2011). To ensure a sustainable approach to reclamation operations, the site has a plant for producing and distributing demineralised water. The recovery of water purified by groundwater treatment plants means the use of natural resources is limited. 

To further support reclamation operations for sustainability projects, Eni Rewind has made available 500 of the 1,200 hectares it owns. As part of Progetto Italia, approximately 60 hectares of this will be designated as a new photovoltaic energy farm. In 2020, a 31MW photovoltaic park was started in Porto Torres area. The produced energy is addressed in part to the local industrial activities, allowing to avoid emissions of approximately 26 ktonnes per year of CO₂. During the year, another area was identified for the construction of a 34 MW photovoltaic park, in the design phase.

Supporting the principles of a circular economy, this project will enable us to reclaim a brownfield site for new industrial purposes – in particular, the generation of renewable energy. Further initiatives involving renewables are being considered. In 2019, we built a 10km barrier for groundwater reclamation. It works with 103 wells that extract water, which is then treated in 5 plants with a total flow rate of 340 m3 per hour (2.5 million m3 per year). Part of this, equal to 750,000 m3 in 2019, is subsequently sent to reverse osmosis plants, where demineralised water is produced, this is then reused in the Versalis plants, enhancing the value of the resource and reducing the use of natural resources. In Porto Torres we also use e-hyrec technology, patented by Eni Rewind. The automatic device, placed inside the wells, enables the selective separation of aqueous and oily water, recovering the hydrocarbon without extracting water, while traditional systems take a prominent part of water (about 70-80%). There is a consequent improvement in terms of the effectiveness and efficiency of groundwater reclamation.