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Porto Marghera: from the reorganisation of utilities to cracking

The plant is central to our chemical company Versalis as it guarantees the transfer of raw materials to other plants.

We are improving energy efficiency and developing new technologies

Porto Marghera is a central production site for our chemical company Versalis, thanks to the integrated pipeline distribution system that allows raw materials produced in Marghera, supplied by other Versalis sites or from the market to be transferred to the Ferrara and Mantova factories. We completed utility reorganisation activities with the installation of new boilers at the end of March 2018. A four-year plan of initiatives is planned for the site to improve energy efficiency and increase competitiveness, through an important technology upgrade and a reorganisation of cracking production, balanced in respect of the needs of the Padania area. The plan also includes the construction of a new onshore flare to improve the overall energy and environmental impact. We have begun a project with Versalis for the development of new technologies for chemicals from renewable sources, that use the metathesis process on vegetable oils to produce the chemicals used in oil drilling, together with other products destined for high value-added application sectors such as detergents, bio-lubricants and other intermediate biochemicals.