Porto Marghera: land reclamation and Waste to Fuel

The project is divided into the reclamation of the area, and the construction of two photovoltaic plants and a Waste to Fuel plant.

The redevelopment of the area and the launch of new sustainable initiatives

To facilitate the redevelopment and re-industrialisation process of Porto Marghera, we are talking to local institutions through Eni Rewind to make our locations available again for the needs of the region and possible new eco-sustainable projects such as the Italy Project. Furthermore, on 1 March 2019, we signed a Preliminary agreement with Veritas to research an industrial plant to transform organic municipal solid waste (FORSU) into bio-oil (up to 16% of the incoming feedstock) and biomethane, with our proprietary Waste to Fuel technology, with 60-80% water recovery from wet waste. We have identified 13 hectares of areas of the Porto Marghera site owned by us to be the re-used and allocated to renewable sources. These will be subject to Permanent Remediation activities for the construction of two photovoltaic plants.

The plant, which will be built on reclaimed land, will have a treatment capacity of up to 150 thousand tonnes per year.

The project’s authorisation process started in 2020. It includes the collaboration of local industrial and production companies, to promote synergy with the territory. The launch of W2F is planned for 2024.