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Porto Marghera: land reclamation and Waste to Fuel

The project is divided into the reclamation of the area, and the construction of two photovoltaic plants and a Waste to Fuel plant.

The redevelopment of the area and the launch of new sustainable initiatives

To facilitate the redevelopment and re-industrialisation process of Porto Marghera, we are talking to local institutions through Eni Rewind to make our locations available again for the needs of the region and possible new eco-sustainable projects such as the Italy Project. Furthermore, on 1 March 2019, we signed a Preliminary agreement with Veritas to research an industrial plant to transform organic municipal solid waste (FORSU) into bio-oil and biomethane, with our proprietary Waste to Fuel technology. We have identified 13 hectares of areas of the Porto Marghera site owned by us to be the re-used and allocated to renewable sources. These will be subject to Permanent Remediation activities for the construction of two photovoltaic plants.