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Gela: Upstream operations

Major investment is planned for the Upstream sector, equivalent to roughly €1,800 million euros.

Exploration and production in Gela

We are planning new hydrocarbon exploration and production operations, increased exploitation of existing reserves (both offshore and onshore), and regular and emergency maintenance of facilities and wells. These activities will be carried out by EniMed, which has 12 onshore and three offshore licences. EniMed’s production in Sicily stems from 11 oilfields and eight gas fields, with a total of 117 operational wells as of 31 March 2019, of which 51 are in the Municipality of Gela and the immediate vicinity. The largest of the new projects is the Argo-Cassiopea project, in which Eni holds a majority 60 per cent share (with the rest owned by Edison), taking advantage of the gas fields in the Strait of Sicily. Start-up is planned by the end of 2021, with a peak production of 4.3 million m3 per day of 100 per cent gas.