Gela: investments in the circular economy and renewables

In Gela we are committed to safeguarding the area by focusing on research and sustainable development.

The development of renewable energies in Italy

In 2012 Eni Rewind carried out a pioneering circular project in Gela, transforming the former ISAF (Industria Siciliana Acido Fosforico) landfill site, which had previously been made permanently safe, into a 5 MW photovoltaic park. The installation of two solar power plants, with a total capacity of 3.5 MW, is planned in two areas of the Gela refinery that are no longer in use. The plants will use traditional panels and take advantage of the Gela refinery’s network of facilities and utilities. The first 1 MW plant came into operation in July 2018. An additional solar-power project of around 5 MW is also in development in an area neighbouring the Nuovo Centro Oli.

Concentrated solar power pilot project

In 2019, a newly designed reflector system for concentrated solar energy was installed in the New Oil Centre. It has a capacity of 100 kW of thermal energy and will cut CO2 emissions by 45 tonnes per year. The project is being undertaken in partnership with MIT and Milan Polytechnic.

The Waste-to-Fuel pilot plant

Eni launched construction of a pilot plant with Eni Rewind to trial the proprietary Waste to Fuel technology that transforms the organic fraction of municipal solid waste (OFMSW) into bio-oil. The municipal waste comes from the separate collection carried out in the area. The pilot plant went into operation in December 2018, with production of the first bio-oil in January 2019.

Environmental rehabilitation

Eni Rewind is field-testing innovative technologies from our own research labs for the reclamation and monitoring of soil and groundwater. To optimise and speed up groundwater remediation, since 2016, Eni's environmental company has been using a device called e-hyrec® at Gela, which is able to selectively drain the organic product floating in groundwater. The environmental benefits are a significant saving of disposed water resources and shorter reclamation times.


The feasibility study to assess a logistics base in Gela for the distribution of LNG/CNG has been completed. Following this, an agreement was approved between Eni, MiSE, the Region of Sicily and the Municipality of Gela to carry out an in-depth technical and marketing phase that aims to verify the conditions needed to develop an LNG initiative on an industrial scale. 

Blue Sea Technologies

Gela has been identified as a hub for the management of Eni’s patented technologies and monitoring systems, namely: Clean Sea (a system for underwater environmental monitoring for use in the Mediterranean region), Rapid Cube and the Dual ROV killing system (equipment that can be used across the world to ensure the safe management of offshore wells). 

2020 Eni Local Sustainability Report for Gela

Each year, we publish a comprehensive report on the activities of Eni companies at the Gela site. A major focus of the report is a closer look at the companies’ contribution towards the target of carbon neutrality by 2050. In detailing the progress we are making in tackling the challenges around the energy transition, it reveals how these challenges have become even starker in the light of the pandemic. The document also places safety and respect for the environment in the spotlight. The 2020 edition of the Local Sustainability Report provides an overview of activities in this area, which take place with the active engagement of local stakeholders, as we work together to achieve a shared long-term sustainability target. 

The document forms part of Eni’s sustainability reporting, which also includes the 2020 Consolidated Disclosure of Non-Financial Information (NFI), drafted in accordance with Legislative Decree 254/2016, and Eni’s 2020 Sustainability Report. These can be consulted for further information.

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