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The Gela project

An integrated project for a region rich in tradition and with an important place in our history.

The Gela project

The project under way in Gela comprises:

  • converting the traditional refinery into a biorefinery
  • installing solar panels (Progetto Italia)
  • Gum extraction from the guayule plant in Sicily
  • an LNG/CNG project
  • environmental rehabilitation and improvements to brownfield sites
  • work to support the local region and other initiatives – circular economy, research and development
  • Upstream activities: exploration and development of the Argo-Cassiopea project for planned start-up in 2021
  • building a Safety Competence Centre and Safety Training Centre

On 6 November 2014, the Italian Ministry of Economic Development, the Sicily Region, the Municipality of Gela, trade unions, the central Sicilian branch of Confindustria and Eni, along with its subsidiaries operating in the region (EniMed, Raffineria di Gela, Eni Rewind and Versalis) agreed a new development plan – a boost to the region’s economy and industry – with up to €2.2 billion earmarked for the project. This agreement laid the foundations for long-term economic recovery, maintaining the site’s industrial nature and providing excellent employment opportunities for the local area. In addition to creating a Safety Competence Centre and Safety Training Centre, we are carrying out the following activities in Gela:

EniMed onshore and offshore

Our upstream operations are conducted by Eni Mediterranea Idrocarburi SpA (EniMed). Gela has three oil collection centres and its operations also include the oil centre in Ragusa and the gas facilities in Bronte, Gagliano Castelferrato and Mazara del Vallo.

Gela Refinery

Mid-Downstream operations are the responsibility of the Gela Refinery, which first opened in 1962. The existing plant is currently being converted to a biorefinery, based on the 2014 Memorandum of Understanding.

Eni Rewind: environmental rehabilitation and restoration

Eni Rewind and the Gela Refinery are conducting environmental rehabilitation work involving monitoring, securing and decontaminating the aquifers and land under their control.