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Environmental reclamation and renewables at Assemini

Project to restore a historic site and develop new sources of energy.

The Assemini project

This project comprises an environmental clean-up and the conservation of wildlife on the historic Saline Conti Vecchi site in a partnership between Eni/Eni Rewind and the Italian environment fund Fondo Ambiente Italiano (FAI). It includes new plans for use of the salt and saltpans, and a photovoltaic solar installation. Since May 2017, it has been possible to visit the Santa Gilla lagoon saltpans, learn about their cultural and natural riches, and appreciate the biodiversity of one of Europe’s most important wetland areas. More than 40,000 aquatic birds representing 50 different species frequent the area, among them the pink flamingo, for which this lagoon represents its natural habitat. 

The saltpans and the Ing. Luigi Conti Vecchi industrial complex are harmoniously integrated within this natural oasis. For the FAI, it is the first experiment in managing and developing an entrepreneurial project on a still-operational industrial site. A further project is being considered for the eco-sustainable development of the salt produced on the Conti Vecchi site, with the aim of diversifying its use in various sectors. Assemini is one of the sites chosen by Eni as a suitable setting for plants producing energy from renewable sources as part of Progetto Italia. This first two stages of this project, producing a total of 23 MW, were completed in 2018 and this phase consists of a new plant producing an additional 26 MW of photovoltaic solar energy