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Gela: environmental rehabilitation and redevelopment of former industr

The Gela area is an example of an industrial redevelopment project that combines environmental clean-up with opportunities for growth.

Environmental rehabilitation

The removal of contaminants from the land and the demolition of buildings started in the late 1990s and work on the site continues apace with the installation of groundwater purification facilities. These operations are mainly being conducted by Eni Rewind, in collaboration with the other businesses on the site (Raffineria di Gela, Versalis and EniMed).

Tank in Zone 2 of the Gela Refinery

In 2017, work started on the second phase of the project to restore Tank A, a former authorised landfill site at the refinery. With the tank now empty, the underlying soil is being decontaminated using innovative thermal desorption technology.

Eni Rewind, islands 1, 2, 6, 10 and 17

Rehabilitation of the land in the areas owned by Eni Rewind has begun, where possible using treatment in situ through Multi-Phase Extraction technology.

Permanent securing of the Industria Siciliana Acido Fosforico (Isaf) landfill site in Gela

Eni Rewind’s work follows the principles of the circular economy. With this in mind, a solar power plant has been installed on the Gela site. Today, on a permanently secured landfill site of approximately 75 acres, the 5 MW facility produces clean energy and helps meet the area’s demand for energy.