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Brindisi: new plant to produce demineralised water

This plant will produce demineralised water using more efficient technologies, helping to save water resources.

New project at the Brindisi electric power plant

Demineralised water will be produced using membrane technology, which is more efficient in both energy and water consumption, and can reuse treated groundwater. Enipower’s Brindisi power station generates electricity for the national grid and steam for the production processes of the associated petrochemicals site. The electricity is currently produced using highly efficient, combined-cycle co-generative technology, relying exclusively on natural gas. Steam is produced from demineralised water – or water with reduced salt content – by treating fresh water (surface water or water drawn from wells) and/or seawater. 
There are now plans to produce demineralised water by constructing a new plant drawing on membrane technology to replace the existing thermal desalination and resin facilities. The new plant, comprising ultra-filtration, osmosis and electro-deionisation units, will produce demineralised water more efficiently. As a result, reliance on seawater is expected to fall by around 6 million cubic metres a year (44 per cent less than the present figure). When it comes to fresh water, there is expected to be a saving of approximately 1 million cubic metres a year (equal to 13 per cent of the total water consumption of the city of Brindisi). 
Thanks to combined efforts and Eni’s ongoing commitment to optimise its use of water resources, it will be possible – once the necessary authorisations have been obtained – to supply the plant with water from the Eni Rewind groundwater treatment plant on the petrochemicals site. This will lead to a further reduction in the use of seawater, up to a maximum of around 1.5 million cubic metres a year. It is an inspiring example of Eni’s concern for sustainability and the efficient application of circular economy principles.