Un’economia sempre più circolare

Eni Rewind: environmental redevelopment in the circular economy

Expert land reclamation: Eni Rewind, formerly Syndial, embodies our commitment to soil protection and environmental redevelopment.

Our commitment: an increasingly circular economy

Our roots are in Italy and we are well aware of the enduring value of the places and regions that we know and love. Thanks to Eni Rewind, formerly Syndial, we are improving the environment by eliminating pollutants and protecting our country’s natural heritage. But what does that mean? By means of ingenuity, innovation and advanced and sustainable technologies, Eni Rewind reclaims industrial sites – managing waste through recovery and recycling as part of the circular economy. This means implementing the most innovative new technologies to reduce the consumption of natural resources, as well as increasing their reuse. It also means making every effort to transform industrial waste that is left over after reclamation into energy as part of our End of Waste commitment.  

Redevelopment cuts waste and creates jobs and energy

Eni Rewind’s resources include some 4,000 hectares of reclaimed industrial land, with plans for a further 400 hectares under the Progetto Italia initiative by which we can install photovoltaic, biomass and concentrated solar power plants. The works are part of an initiative designed to make the most of land, generate low-carbon energy, minimise waste and boost employment. 

Already, our partnership with the Fondo Ambientale Italiano (the Italian environmental trust FAI) has allowed us to redevelop the salt pans of the Santa Gilla pond in Sardinia and open them to the public. It’s the first time that the FAI has managed and promoted a project at a working mine and today the area is home to 50 different species of aquatic birds, numbering more than 40,000 in total.