Communications Data Mining: the three chosen startups

Eni and Cariplo Factory, have selected the best open innovation projects in data analytics to monitor and optimise communication processes and interactions with stakeholders.

15 October 2021
3 min read
15 October 2021
3 min read

The three winning startups of the call

The Communications Data Mining call, put out by Eni and Cariplo Factory, was part of the Open Innovation framework – a new open and collaborative way of investing in research and development. The call was seeking the most innovative data analytics solutions for monitoring and optimisation in the area of communication processes and stakeholder interaction.

Three winners were chosen from the eight startups that took part in the Selection Day on 13 October: Blackbird, Datrix and Ask27.

  • For Criticalities Detection, the selected startup is BLACKBIRD.AI, a Californian startup founded in 2017 able to detect fake news and digital
    disinformation campaigns involving brands and organisations.
  • For SDGs intelligence, the selected startup is DATRIX, a Milan-based startup established in 2018, it develops software solutions and sustainable augmented-analytics and machine-learning services.
  • For Automated Dataviz, the selected startup is ASC27, it develops a range of solutions based on artificial intelligence and cyber security.

The project marks another step forward in the digital transformation Eni has been working on for several years, contributing to the development of a mutually beneficial innovation ecosystem by partnering with startups.

The selection process and collaboration opportunities

The Selection Day is the result of a design project that began in July with the involvement of Eni's External Communication and Digital & Information Technology units, and defined the innovation areas and their objectives. Seventy-four innovative startups and SMEs were screened for final selection.

These startups will start to hold a course of study with Eni to identify possible areas of cooperation, with the option to engage in a future collaboration. The teams of innovators will have the opportunity to get feedback from Eni and, with the support of Cariplo Factory, test the innovative potential of their products and services in the hugely important and ever-changing communications sector.


Call objectives and areas of interest

The three areas of interest considered by Communications Data Mining are: Criticalities Detection, SDGs Intelligence, Automated Dataviz.


Criticalities Detection

  • monitoring abnormal and critical events in the industrial sector with a particular focus on fake news
  • capturing “weak signals” as early as possible with view to taking advance countermeasures
  • supplementing alert systems for anomalies or event detection with media monitoring systems

SDGs Intelligence

  • monitoring corporate reputation
  • analysing Big Data from the web so as to stay up to date with current trends in real time
  • communicating and engaging with stakeholders to improve understanding of the perceived reputation of the company

Automated Dataviz

  • representing data is increasingly important for both communicators and audiences, across the technical sphere and in communications
  • creating generative algorithms capable of bridging the gap between what is communicated and what is perceived.