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Hidden Data Lab

The laboratory pioneering the future of data analysis, opening a new perspective on the world of digital energy

Hidden Data Lab is a new frontier in data analysis

Data plays an increasingly important role in enabling companies to make better decisions, gain a comprehensive view of performance, solve complex problems, improve processes and understand customer behaviour. Our Hidden Data Lab, created with Ammagamma, a Data Science company, aims to experiment with a new approach to innovation and data, not only to respond to known needs, but to provide answers to latent ones. It follows a new paradigm: unlike the usual approach of Data Science which, in the face of a clearly defined problem, offers a method to build a solution, this exploratory approach takes a gamble: according to it, understanding, studying and listening to data in all its forms can lead to discovering the real questions that need to be asked. This represents the frontier of data-driven innovation because it embraces complexity and lets the data drive the exploration and the value generated for the business. With the Hidden Data Lab, Eni is paving the way for a new way of interpreting endogenous and exogenous data and reaching unexpected solutions that can innovate processes in various business areas of the company, which is committed to the challenge of energy transition.  

The value of hidden data: our podcasts

The Hidden Data Lab as told by the people who created it.

Value generated by a deeper understanding of data

In an interview conducted by Wired magazine with Dario Pagani, Head of Eni's Digital & Information Technology Dept., the subject of data and the crucial role it plays for Eni is explored in depth. Thanks to the Hidden Data Lab, we are able to analyze not only internal company data, but also exogenous data that may appear to have nothing to do with ours, but which  becomes a source of unexpected information when correlated by following a multidisciplinary approach. The Hidden Data Lab also contributes to developing projects in various fields, from natural resources research and development to biochemistry, from renewables to low and zero carbon services and products. A deeper understanding of data is also an important asset when it comes to health and safety, which is a priority for the company, particularly in complex operational contexts, in order to prevent accidents and ensure asset integrity. The information and vision generated by the Hidden Data Lab also helps product teams to develop end-to-end solutions: by bringing different business, data architecture and data science skills together in an agile way, we aim to speed up the process of analyzing opportunities and assessing whether they are beneficial or not. Finally, the computing power of HPC5, combined with the ability to write intelligent algorithms with programmes and expertise, are a key asset of our  Green Data Center  which acquires even more value together with the ability to interpret data. 

“With Hidden Lab we propose a more exploratory approach to study and listen to data in all its forms, as widely as possible”.

Dario Pagani, Head of Eni's Digital & Information Technology Dept.