Joule: Eni school of entrepreneurship

Our mission, between education and acceleration

Joule’s mission is to support the growth of sustainable enterprises, by forming a new generation of entrepreneurs, through the development of core skills and the use of specific start-up acceleration tools. Joule provides access to concrete challenges and opportunities, offers a network of first-class trainers and professors, and creates the conditions to become part of a great Community. A true ecosystem, creating space for the new visions of the future.

Enterprises are supported by Joule Discovery Lab, the idea validation path on circular economy, sustainability and energy transition, divided into three different sections. For start-ups, to accompany the growth of sustainable enterprises. For corporate, to support companies in the co-innovation process. For Eni people, to work on the development of an entrepreneurial mindset, and use it to create new innovative in-house projects.

And for those who already launched a start-up focusing on decarbonisation, on the strategies to tackle climate change and on circular economy, there is our Acceleration program.

Lastly, there is Joule Open, the educational path that supports future entrepreneurs in the sign of sustainability. Platform members have access to many exclusive opportunities, from in-depth sessions with Business School experts and professors, to live thematic events, workshops and certification paths.


Acceleration Program, to launch sustainable realities

Acceleration program is a new model of business accelerator, based on these pillars:

  • Focus on environmental and social sustainability topics: it is addressed to start-ups that contribute to decarbonisation, fight against climate change, and circular economy development.
  • Non equity oriented and business impact: it develops entrepreneurial skills focused on medium-long term environmental and social impact
  • Sustainability performance metrics and assessment: it helps to structure a customized KPI system on sustainability, applicable to each entrepreneurial project.
  • In kind services: it supports start-ups through Eni's functions and networks, with consultancy services on thematic areas with broad internal know-how.
  • Connection to Joule Open: it provides the competences of its innovative entrepreneurial network.
  • Ecosystem acceleration: it creates a regenerative ecosystem of accelerators, corporate, research institutes and venture capital.

Transforming ideas into concrete projects

Joule’s idea validation program - Human Knowledge Lab - renovates itself and becomes Joule Discovery Lab. A journey into personal discovery and abilities, capable of offering the tools to acquire a greater awareness of one’s own entrepreneurial goals, and actualizing them, in the spirit ofenergy transition, circular economy and decarbonisation.

The program comprises three different paths:

  • For start-ups, to accompany the growth of sustainable enterprises.
  • For corporate, to support companies in their co-innovation process.
  • For Eni people, to work on developing an entrepreneurial mindset and put it to use to create new innovative in-house projects.
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The program’s structure

Joule Open is an educational path that supports future entrepreneurs in the sign of sustainability. Members have access to a place of confrontation with a network of trainers and entrepreneurs providing their experience, in order to develop a Community, together. Moreover, they can take part in live thematic events, workshops and certification paths.

Some of the main strengths:

  • Ten pillar macro-topics - challenge, concrete opportunities, web-app to train soft skills and a plan to experiment growing learning levels. At the end of the course, your skills can be certified through Joule’s Open Badge, to be shared online with your contacts.
  • The Parola all’esperto! live format, with field experts and business school professors, who cover the main topics that support the growth of an enterprise and a start-up.
  • The Mani in Pasta format, a series of workshops to switch from theory to practice, by actually tackling entrepreneurial challenges first-hand.