Eniverse Ventures

Eni's Corporate Venture Builder leverages proprietary technologies by creating new entrepreneurial initiatives in the energy transition.

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Innovation leveraging our strengths

Enhancing internal skills and Eni's proprietary technologies, setting up new high-tech entrepreneurial initiatives to support the Just Transition, interacting with the external innovation ecosystem. This is why Eniverse Ventures, Eni’s Corporate Venture Builder company, was born. Launched in August 2022, it is 100% owned by Eni and closely connected to the company’s branches dedicated to innovation. Its goal is to identify and scale up to industrial level the technological solutions, either its own or third-party, with the highest potential that have been in the market for less than three years.

PRESS RELEASE | Eni launches Eniverse Ventures to enhance proprietary technologies in new businesses while promoting a just transition.

Building synergies with external partners

Eniverse brings together internal research and expertise with the entrepreneurship of the most innovative companies in the market.

It draws on Eni's experience in several engineering and science sectors, on a network of collaborations with universities, research centres, tech companies and start-ups and on a system of alliances with strategic partners.

In particular, the company deals with:

  • market incubation for technologies that have not reached adequate maturity levels
  • market validation by interacting with the market
  • business building by setting up new ventures and supporting them in the scale-up phase.

Eniverse complements our approach to Open Innovation, working alongside Joule, Eni's Business School, Eni Next, our Corporate Venture Capital company, and Innovation Match, the eniSpace platform followed by Eni Procurement.


Eni’s Open Innovation

Eni's other selection and support processes complementing Eniverse. Through them, we turn ideas into game-changer technologies that can speed up the progress towards our Net Zero goal.

From idea to project: Eni's innovation assets

Eni's research and development follows all stages of the innovation process, from the most immediate to the most strategic. While we develop proprietary technologies that are immediately applicable to our businesses to increase efficiency, we continue to support research into game-changer solutions that will give rise to the energy of tomorrow. Our strength lies in our ability to pool the skills of our people with the Eni Group's network of laboratories, research centres and pilot plants, maintaining a constant dialogue with the external ecosystem in a perspective of Open Innovation. Our common commitment is to speed up progress in reducing net GHG emissions towards our Net Zero target.


Technologies to boost the energy of today

Solutions to increase the efficiency of operations, create new business and support the pathway to carbon neutrality.


Scientific research to bring the energy of tomorrow to life

A constant commitment to develop game-changer technologies for the energy transition with universities, research centres and industrial partners.