Net Zero

Achieving carbon neutrality by mid-century to limit global average temperature increase within 1.5°C: a concrete commitment for Eni to change the way we produce and use energy through innovative solutions and alliances with stakeholders.


Eni receives the 2022 Energy Innovation Award

Awarded by Energy Intelligence, the prize rewards us for our commitment to the energy transition and advancement in low-carbon sectors.

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Eni’s strategy against climate change

Eni aims to be a leader in the energy sector with a long-term strategy that will achieve carbon neutrality in 2050.


Eni’s international partnerships in the fight against Climate Change

We work with the academic community, institutions, civil society and businesses to reach carbon neutrality by 2050.

Spazio verde nella città

Reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions

We have been committed to reducing GHG emissions for years: the results we have obtained prove the effectiveness of our low-carbon strategy.

Bioraffineria green

Eni’s position on biomass

Eni will have removed palm oil from its production cycles by 2023.

Marine energy

SUPERFACTS - Marine energy

It absorbs heat, meets electricity consumption ... the secret faces of the ocean.

04 March 2022

The Briefing: CCUS

The effects of climate change are right in front of us. For industrialised countries, reduce at most...

22 January 2021
Foresta di pini sul lago

Eni's commitment to protecting and conserving forests

Forests cover 31% of the dry land on the planet and are a fundamental absorber of carbon from the atmosphere.