Palermo Summer School on climate change set to begin

21 June 2018
3 min read
21 June 2018
3 min read
Supported by Eni, the University of Palermo hosts the Summer School “Climate change and environmental pollution and restoration” from 25-29 June 2018.

Eni working alongside a prestigious institution


The Summer School “Climate change and environmental pollution and restoration” offers a complete overview of the situation and seeks to provide a platform for discussion on the consequences of climate change, in terms of assessing the damage to natural resources and looking at restoration and recovery, with a special focus on aquifers. The course is open to anyone interested in the subject and in particular to doctoral candidates, fellows and researchers from universities and research centres, as well as professionals and employees of companies in the industry.

Lecturers include winners of the 'Nobel Prize for Energy'


Alongside lecturers from various Italian universities, the Summer School will also benefit from internationally renowned speakers from the network of the Eni Award – the ‘Nobel Prize for Energy’ established in 2008. They include:

  • Barbara Sherwood Lollar, from the University of Toronto, a researcher who is well known for her studies of water not only on earth but also in space, on Mars. Winner of the ‘Protection of the Environment’ Eni Award 2012.
  • Peter Wadhams, a glaciologist at the University of Cambridge, known internationally for his studies of climate change and for many years a member of the prestigious Eni Award Scientific Committee.
  • Roberto Danovaro, Chairman of the Anton Dohrn Zoological Station in Naples, one of the leading scholars of the marine environment, awarded the ‘Protection of the Environment’ Eni Award in 2013
Silvia Comba, currently researching the remediation of polluted water at Eni, winner in 2012 of the ‘Research Debut’ section at the Eni Awards for young Italian researchers.

Eni’s commitment to Sicily: What we do

Eni has had strong ties with the region for years. We have active operations in Sicily and operate 12 onshore and 3 offshore production concessions, which in 2017 produced around 10% of Eni’s output in Italy. The main fields are located in Gela, Tresauro, Giaurone, Fiumetto, Prezioso and Bronte.

Eni’s commitment to Sicily: Social, cultural and technological development

In November 2014, a Preliminary Agreement was signed for the development of the Gela area by Eni, trade unions, institutions and the Confindustria business lobby. The agreement calls, among other things, for the establishment of sustainable development initiatives, with a series of activities that all involve a high level of technology and research and are highly environmentally sustainable. The agreement will also provide for School-Work Alternation projects, First-Level Apprenticeships, initiatives to combat early school leaving and university bursaries. We have supported various initiatives for the social and cultural development of the community, such as partnerships with the Italian football association (FIGC) to promote the a sporting culture and the company among young people. Gela is also home to our Safety Competence Center, a centre of excellence founded in 2015 where training is provided for safety specialists who work to support Eni’s operations in Italy and abroad. In May 2018, we also signed an agreement with the Italian national research council (CNR) for the creation of research centres in Italy. One of these centres will actually be in Gela and will focus on fusion , a technology set to unlock the means to produce potentially limitless clean energy.