Words and figures

What we’ve communicated in 2019 and how.

Our daily content strategy

2019 has been a year of words, figures and stories to tell. We have reached 40 million people through social networks and written almost 200,000 words to communicate Eni’s wide-ranging sustainability, transparency and growth initiatives. In February, for example, we presented our Strategic Plan for 2019-22, explaining how we intend to create value through energy transition. We have been able to show how it is possible to generate value for stakeholders through efficiency and the use of technology, while respecting the principles of the circular economy, sustainability and decarbonization.

The new mission

Five years ago, anticipating crisis in the traditional energy sector, we at Eni decided to change. The result is that today we are a stronger, faster and more resilient company – one that wants to be instrumental in the process of energy transition towards a low-carbon future. This is demonstrated by our new company mission, which is based on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the United Nations to achieve sustainable global growth, both economically and socially.

An interactive year: the 2018 Annual Report and the Eni for Sustainability Report

Change over the past few years has not only been about changing business, but has also involved an evolution in the way we communicate: through podcasts, videos and live streaming. The success of our content on social media is significant: we have created more than 52 videos [https://www.youtube.com/user/enivideochannel] in-house, including content to promote the launch of our new interactive 2018 Annual Report. As well as offering a clear, structured presentation of the text, it offered a number of features to improve access to the numbers. These included integrated highlights and interactive graphics to simplify reading and understanding. This approach was also adopted for our Eni for 2018 – Sustainability Report, in which we communicated – through words, images, podcasts and videos – the company’s sustainability values and strategies: from reducing greenhouse emissions to respecting the environment; from human rights to training people; from co-operation to energy-access development.

2019 as told by our people

For Eni, 2019 has not only been about numbers and infographics, but also 365 days of brilliant people and stories to which we’ve given a voice. For this we devised and launched Eni TV: our looking glass into the present and future of our company; a space where voices can open our eyes to the ever-changing world we live in. Faces of Eni is the format we have chosen to tell the stories of engineers, researchers and technicians; men and women in our company with values and big dreams, who are also mothers and fathers, relatives and siblings. This has been our 2019: a year as important as the people who’ve made it great.