First on transparency

How teamwork led us to success.

Champions once more

For the second year in a row, Eni has ranked first in the Webranking Europe 500 study, compiled by Comprend in collaboration with Lundquist. The ranking evaluates corporate digital transparency, looking at the 500 largest companies in Europe by market capitalisation. We know that corporate narrative is essential to create and spread a culture of transparency within the company. And we are fully committed to building our content strategy.

Eni achieves Gold Class in the new .trust research

In 2018, Lundquist launched the new  .trust – Communicating what matters research, whose aim was to appraise how the companies leading in transparency in the 2018-2019 Webranking research have also succeeded in generating  trust through communication. Transparency, credible goals and delivering on commitments are the elements that have led  Eni  to achieve  Gold Class ranking.

Eni stands out for the particular care it takes in presenting the company and its key information. The most effective areas are those related to the presentation of company strategy, sustainability initiatives, and its many Research and Development projects.

Working together, the secret of our success

Eni started on a path of transformation five years ago and today our digital communications also portray an integrated energy company that is simpler, faster and more resilient. This edition of Webranking coincided with the company tackling the energy transition, which will lead us to an increased awareness of our role in sustainable development.

How did we improve our digital communications?

A variety of communication languages were deployed, with numbers, data and documentation published in innovative formats as a way to show them in a broader and more detailed context. Day by day, we have invested all our energy into building a narrative that is rooted in transparency and clarity.

New languages for a media company

Owing to the special contents of Eni's sustainability report and interactive annual report, we can now engage more and more people by combining information with storytelling.

New formats for new conversations

Today, Eni has the chance to tell its story through communication tools that are increasingly diverse and can reach an ever larger audience. In our Careers section – including via the new format "The Faces of Eni" – we have given a voice to the people who work with us, who can speak to the values and performance of the company.

Don't search, ask!

That's the idea behind Ask Now, the semantic search engine that uses natural language processing (NLP). The engine analyses users' keywords and replies with the content most suitable to the question.

An increasingly integrated strategy

Social-media interaction is essential for a digital platform. Online storytelling continues and is further expanded on the company's social-media profiles, through videos, podcasts and galleries.