Videocittà 2022, the Festival of Vision

From 20 to 24 July, Eni hosted the fifth edition of the film festival at the ex Gazometro in Rome.

Digital and environmental transition into the future

Eni was again Main Partner of the fifth edition of Videocittà, a film event dedicated to the digital and environmental transition, a crucial issue for our future. The Festival of Vision, which was held at the ex Gazometro in Rome from 20 to 24 July, explored the most advanced creative forms and digital technologies of audiovisual production and proposed new visions of the future. It is an iconic site in constant transformation where Eni is in the process of rehabilitating industrial facilities and carrying out reclamation works, with the aim of making it into a large open technological district. 

By hosting the event at the Complesso Ostiense, Eni confirmed its vision of an energy transition understood as a process capable of changing the paradigm of interpretation of the relationship between people and the environment, and as a radical transformation that can lay the foundations for a new, more sustainable and inclusive world

Eni is committed to a socially just energy transition that preserves the environment and provides access to energy for all through concrete solutions. Research on magnetic confinement fusion is one of the most significant examples of Eni's contribution to this global challenge: fusion is a potential turning point in the decarbonization process that Eni is helping to bring about by participating in the development of major Italian and international projects in this field. Fusion would bring about a veritable energy revolution, because – once brought to an industrial level – it would allow large amounts of energy to be generated safely, virtually unlimitedly and with zero emissions.

This visionary approach to research, this “looking beyond the box”, was represented in the festival by the immersive experience of the "Luna Somnium" installation, a gigantic glowing sphere suspended inside the Gazometro, which became the centrepiece of an emotional journey and allowed visitors to appreciate the former industrial site in a new light.


Eni's research on magnetic confinement fusion

A safe, sustainable and endless source of energy, and a possible turning point on the decarbonization path we are helping to bring about.

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Research projects on nuclear fusion

Eni's site-specific installation for Videocittà 2022

The Gazometro, the largest and best known of four gas holders in that area of the city, was the protagonist of a monumental site-specific installation entitled "Luna Somnium", produced by Eni for Videocittà 2022 and created by fuse*.

For the entire duration of the festival, a sphere with a diameter of 20 metres projected 360° on its surface floated inside the cylindrical structure and was visible from a large part of the city, thus capturing the public's attention from every possible vantage point throughout the whole city as well as inside the Ostiense site. Visitors to the festival had the opportunity to enjoy a unique immersive experience where the art work became the protagonist of a highly emotional journey also thanks to extensive sound and light design.

The title of the installation is inspired by "Somnium” by Johannes Kepler, a science-fiction tale of a journey to the moon, based on the idea that a change of perspective is necessary to break down old beliefs and start the transition to a new perception of reality. This same vision is driving Eni's research into innovative and sustainable forms of energy production, such as magnetic confinement fusion: a safe, sustainable and inexhaustible source of energy that brings to Earth the principles by which the Sun generates its own energy.


Let's change vision – Eni at Videocittà 2022

Innovation is the protagonist of the Videocittà festival at the Gazometro in Rome

From 20 to 24 July, the industrial archaeology complex of the ex Gazometro, which has been largely redeveloped by Eni in the Ostiense district in Rome, became for five days a "grand piazza" for contemporary audiovisuals. A visionary and future-oriented platform for the international spread of ideas and the promotion of excellence in the audiovisual industry.

The programme of Videocittà 2022 included installations, live performances by Max Cooper, Mace, Mokadelic, Sick Luke and others, video art, virtual and augmented reality experiences, exhibitions of NFTs ("non-fungible tokens", digital and encrypted works of art, whose ownership is guaranteed by unique codes), workshops and lectures, with guests such as Oliviero Toscani, Camihawke and Martelli, events and areas for children in a deeply symbolic setting. 

A look back at previous editions of Videocittà

The Videocittà festival reached its fifth edition this year. It is an open and innovative platform capable of attracting audiovisual excellence and addressing key contemporary issues. The festival hosted hundreds of events, AV performances, multimedia installations, videomapping (such as the work "Paradoxa" on the Palazzo Eni in the EUR district) and video art, exhibitions, conferences and screenings, with the presence of national and international guests such as Francesca Michielin, AES+F, Sevdaliza and many others.

Videocittà reached the Gazometro after being hosted in different parts of Rome: charming squares in the old city, government buildings, galleries and museums such as the Maxxi Museum, venues repurposed for culture and entertainment such as the former barracks in Via Guido Reni and the former customs house in San Lorenzo. Edition after edition, the common thread of the exhibition remains its ability to guide the public on a journey of transformation and innovation.