The Circular Garden

Our installation at the Milan 2019 FuoriSalone event from 8 to 19 April 2019.

Circular Garden in the Orto Botanica di Brera

As our contribution to FuoriSalone 2019, an event running from 8 to 19 April, we are proud to present the Circular Garden – an installation spread across the Orto Botanica di Brera, a botanical garden in Milan's Brera district. Made from fungus mycelium and symbolising our dedication to transitioning to the circular economy, the work has been created in collaboration with the Carlo Ratti Associati design studio and is part of the Human Spaces di INTERNI exhibition. During the exhibition, the Gaudats Junk Band – veterans of events such as the Maker Faire and Job&Orienta – will be performing with musical instruments made from discarded items. An amazing experience..

The circular economy according to Eni

Through this installation, which will be accompanied by a rich programme of workshops and lectures, visitors to the event will be taken on an engaging interactive journey showcasing Eni's strategy for the circular economy. It will look at the company's energy efficiency services for Eni Gas e Luce homes, the transformation of waste into biofuels to promote more sustainable mobility and the reclamation of disused sites. The circular economy is one of the key themes for the immediate future of our society and requires us to profoundly rethink the way in which we use products on a day-to-day basis, as well as how we accumulate waste.

“Eni wants to lead the cultural change needed to shift from a linear economy to a circular one”


The Circular Garden

The aim is to create elegant structures made of mycelium (the fibrous non-fruiting part of fungi) – an innovative natural material that after use begins a second life as fertiliser. The project is inspired by the medieval walled garden, many of whose plants had symbolic meanings, and aims to create a natural architecture that begins with the earth and will eventually return to it in a completely sustainable way. At the end of the installation, the structures that form the exhibits will be taken down and dug into the ground, starting a new virtuous cycle of growth.


The Circular Garden è economia circolare - #Fuorisalone2019 | Eni Video Channel