A collective commitment to face global challenges

Eni is the main sponsor at the event on exponential technologies, on 8 and 9 October 2019.

SingularityU Italy Summit 2019, will be held on 8 and 9 October at MiCo in Milan. It is an excellent chance to learn about how to apply exponential technologies to make the economy grow and improve people's lives. The innovations that our changing our business and all our lives are the focus of the event, now in its third edition, of which Eni is the main sponsor.

Together for a planet with low emissions

We must defeat the challenge that currently faces us all, that of providing energy to a rising world population while reducing CO2 emissions. Everyone's actions count, but they count more when they become the norm. During the event, Rosanna Fusco, Climate Change Strategy and Positioning Senior Vice President at Eni, will speak on the issue of Climate Change. Our decarbonization strategy is integrated in our business model and will translate into short-, medium- and long-term action, with a constant commitment to scientific and technical research.

The Circular Bar

For us at Eni, a bar is a place to meet people, but also to get across our commitment to the circular economy. At the Circular Bar we display objects made with innovative materials, from pulverised orange peel to biopolymer made from 3D printing. At the innovative bar, you can drink a tasty juice while we turn rubbish into useful materials for making new objects. This is a little like our waste-to-fuel technology, which transforms organic matter from urban solid waste into bio-oil for ships and advanced biofuel.

The most innovative bio-refinery in Europe

Our plant in Gela is an example of synergy between business and the local area. The plant has a processing capacity of up to 750,000 tonnes a year and will be able to treat larger and larger quantities of used vegetable oil, animal fat, algae and by-products to produce high-quality biofuels

Energy efficiency

The Ferrera Erbognone photovoltaic system was built on industrial land owned by the group and all of the energy generated is used to power the Green Data Center. This is the first system launched under Project Italy, which aims to generate renewable energy at our industrial sites.


We have developed a pilot system to test Waste-to-Fuel (W2F) technology, which puts waste to good use by turning it into energy and a second-generation biofuel. The waste is transformed into bio-oil, which is then used to produce electricity or as a biofuel component.

Giving refineries a new lease of life

The biorefinery at Porto Marghera, Venice, is the first example worldwide of a conventional refinery that has been converted into a biorefinery. Since 2014, the site has been able to process around 360,000 tonnes of vegetable oil per year, of which approximately 15% is used and purified food oil. The remainder is certified sustainable refined vegetable oil.

The path to decarbonization

The main challenge in the sector is providing access to energy resources in an efficient, sustainable way for all, fighting climate change at the same time. Eni's constant commitment to technical research is aimed at reaching maximum efficiency in its decarbonization process and finding innovative solutions to the energy transition.

Protecting water

We are committed to protecting our planet's natural resources in all aspects of our work. As part of our efforts to develop a circular economy, we are investing in further improvements to our water treatment systems so that “grey” water can be reused for industrial purposes.

The technology to bridge the gap

Our entire strategy is underpinned by a profound process of digitalisation, innovation, and sharing, which is bringing continuous improvement. By investing in new solutions, we can maximise the efficiency and sustainability of our operations, while minimising our costs and environmental impact. A real commitment we actively pursue in every area of our business.

Singularity University

It is a global community for innovation and culture, established in 2008. It applies exponential technologies to address humanity’s grand challenges and create a more abundant future for all. The platform empowers individuals and organisations all around the world to innovate through solutions that leverage emerging technologies like AI, robotics and digital biology.