I risultati ed obiettivi di Eni nella sicurezza e nella tutela dell'ambiente

Safety & Environment Day

An event, on 5 June 2019, to illustrate the results and objectives of Eni in safety and environmental protection.

The Eni Safety Awards were established in 2013 and are given out on the Safety Day to:

  • the industrial entities in each business unit that have achieved the best results on safety;

  • special and innovative projects that have combined efficient industrial processes with safe performance of activities and the ability to take rapid action, including in complex situations;

  • suppliers, in the most critical commodity classes by HSE risk profile, that have achieved the best safety results.

This year the celebration of Safety is divided into two days, one dedicated to employees and one to our suppliers.

Safety Day 2019

The third edition of Eni's "Safety & Environment Day" was held on Wednesday 5 June 2019 in San Donato Milanese and included the Safety Award, now in its eighth edition, and the Environment Award, in its third.

It was a day to present results and objectives and to appreciate the continued dedication and commitment of everyone at Eni to safety and care for the environment.

The event was attended by our Chairman, CEO and Board of Directors, as well as about 200 managers of different company functions.

Eni industrial sites from the business lines that achieved the best results in the fields of safety and the environment were recognised at the event with two categories of award.

  • The "Performance" category rewards sites that have stood out in the previous year for their results in the fields of safety and the environment. This year a single award was given on the basis of joint performance on the key indicators for safety and the environment, with the aim of further emphasising Eni's commitment to both these crucial aspects of sustainability in our work.

  • The “Initiatives and Projects" category rewards good management practices in terms of safety and the environment, how innovative their approach is and whether they can be replicated at other Eni sites. There was a particular focus on the following themes this year:
    A) Initiatives and projects to support operators and local communities, with positive effects on health, safety and the environment (HSE).
    B) Innovative projects based on circular economy principles.
    C) Initiatives and projects for improving process safety.

Four projects won in the second category:

  • MaREnergy, which for the first time at an international level, combined innovative, cutting-edge technologies and solutions for research in the field of wave power.

  • Casa HSE, an initiative that aims to spread and energise HSE culture by combining new collaborative processes with innovative digital tools, and to contribute to improving HSE performance.

  • Progetto RAEE, a project with a large social impact that recovers waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE).

  • BART, an innovative risk analysis methodology, using a software application specially developed to assess the risks involved in building onshore and offshore Oil & Gas installations.

Finally a Special Mention for "Digital Projects" was also announced as a way to recognise pilot sites that have stood out for their use of digital tools in the field of safety, contributing more specifically to the roll-out and testing of the Smart Safety  initiative, which aims to increase safety and emergency response at our sites.

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