With ROAD, innovation makes its way out of the Capital

The operational launch of the Partners’ Network took place on 17 May at the Gazometro in Rome Ostiense, with speakers who discussed the issues of innovation and energy challenges.

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Sharing as a means of innovation

ROAD - Rome Advanced District, a project promoted by Eni in partnership with Acea, Autostrade per l'Italia, Bridgestone, Cisco, Ferrovie dello Stato and Nextchem got the green light.

ROAD is a meeting point for sustainable innovation, an open entrepreneurial ecosystem that brings together the public and private sector to pave the way for the future.

The goal of ROAD is to be an accessible and inclusive place, a breeding ground for talent, a playground where engineers, designers, natural and social scientists can develop solutions together for decarbonization, circular economy, agritech and water management, renewable energy sources and sustainable mobility, energy efficiency and smart cities.

The event

On 17 May, at the Gazometro’s industrial site in the Ostiense district in Rome, now converted into a new knowledge and research hub and an aggregator of innovators, Claudio Granata, Chairman of ROAD and Director of Human Capital & Procurement Coordination at Eni, opened a debate on the energy challenges of the future with the participation of all the representatives of the ROAD member companies.


The ROAD towards the future

A new space for a new time, where Italy’s engine will be turned back on to get it on the road to tomorrow. This is ROAD - Rome Advanced District



I partner di ROAD

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