Piazza di Siena - 89° CSIO concorso equestre

Equestrian sports are the protagonists at Piazza di Siena 2023

At the event, scheduled for May 25-28, 2023, the Eni Prize took the stage.

Eni plays an important role at Rome’s International Horse Show

Now in its 90th year, the Piazza di Siena International Horse Show returned to the oval inside Rome’s Villa Borghese.

Eni supported the sports event again this year, together with 81 horsemen and amazons from 18 countries and 230 horses. Eni's participation towards the Piazza di Siena horse show reflects the importance the company places on sport as a global symbol of togetherness and inclusion. Sport is important at any level for the education of new generations, it creates strong bonds between people from all over the world and promotes fundamental values of our society, such as respect for people and the environment. In the same way innovation, through the research, design and development of targeted technologies, aims to improve the sporting and competitive qualities of athletes, horses and riders, leading to desirable, high level, respectful riding while also representing a cutting edge environmental management model

B2B decarbonization in Italian equestrian centres and major stables

Eni, along with the Italian Equestrian Sports Federation (FISE) and Scuderia 1918, once again supported this sport event, promoting greater sustainability in the equestrian world.

At the Piazza Siena 2023 event, Eni promoted environmental sustainability in the field of equestrian sports in Italy, contributing to the joint development of projects dedicated to energy efficiency, with particular focus on biomass plants (thermal or cogeneration), geothermal, agrivoltaic and photovoltaic plants. 

At the event, Eni also promoted its decarbonisation models in the field of equestrian transport, including the use of HVO biofuels and electric vehicles, as well as involving highly biodegradable plant-based herbicides. 

Under the agreement, the Scuderia 1918 underlined its commitment in its forward-looking, innovative vision, adhering to and promoting a new ecological and ethological sensitivity, with planning aimed at the ongoing improvement of horse welfare, while also devising projects more in line with environmental sustainability. 


The stand where Eni also outlined its decarbonization roadmap at 2050


The winners in 2022

On the opening day of last year's edition, 26 May 2022, the international competition welcomed sixty-four horsemen and women on the race course at Villa Borghese in Rome for the Eni Prize. The participants raced against each other, jumped hurdles and enthralled the public in a competition that lasted more than two hours. Irish rider Daragh Kenny, riding his Volnay de Boisdeville, took first place, followed by Italian rider Giulia Martinengo Marquet. Third on the podium was French contestant Simon Delestre.