Quadriennale d'arte 2020

Quadriennale d’arte 2020: “FUORI”

The Art Quadrennial FUORI at the Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Rome.

03 February 2021
4 min read
03 February 2021
4 min read

Art: energy in transformation

This year, once again, Eni is the main sponsor at Quadriennale d'Arte Contemporanea, which is now in its 17th edition. Eni is taking part in the FUORI exhibition with “Intemporaneo” an immersive experience to illustrate the story of the transformation of artistic languages, from those of the past to those we live with today. Our aim is to share and make the most of art and culture, things which are particularly important to us. The complex, carefully articulated exhibition will let visitors enjoy a moment of emotional and sensory suspension, thanks to technologies and innovative modes of expression applied to the worlds of energy and transformation.

An exhibition outside the box

Quadriennale d'arte 2020 is one of the biggest contemporary art events this year. The exhibition, curated by Sarah Cosulich and Stefano Collicelli Cagol, is designed to give Italian contemporary art a new place on the international stage. Its title, “FUORI”, the Italian for “outside”, sums up the curators’ outlook. It’s an invitation to think outside the box.

Eni at Quadriennale d'arte 2020: Intemporaneo and alternative visions

The project, which takes its name "Intemporaneo" from the verses of the great poet Eugenio Montale, was born of the will to create an experience that immerses the viewer in an atmosphere of  artistic transformation, one that takes them on a virtual journey from the classical to the contemporary. 

Intemporaneo will be on show until 9 May 2021 in the beautiful Auditorium at Palazzo delle Esposizioni, which has been specially equipped with five large screens surrounding the viewers: art, light, colour and music, combined to offer an enveloping moment that timeless.

Afterwards, it will be possible to visit Intemporaneo virtually through a wonderful 360° virtual tour of the FUORI exhibition.

Quadriennale d'arte 2020: "FUORI"

Intemporaneo - The trailer

Intemporaneo means immediacy, poetry, disruption – the very essence of art, the act of seeing, as a creative form. This installation is a homage to art itself, to its energy, its symbolic power and transformative capacity over the centuries. Intemporaneo tells the story of the relationship between artists and light. Starting from this relationship between presence and absence, the installation takes you through contemporary and ancient art through what seems like suspended time, in a fluidly assembled work founded on both analogy and dissonance.

Eni’s collaboration with Studio Merlini-Storti and Studio Creativo di Marco Capasso, the project’s creators and curators, has resulted in an artistic path through images that aims to explore the transformative potential of art over the centuries.

The images, which depict works of art from the Renaissance to the present day, come from the Eni Collection, the body of work on display in this 17th edition of the Quadriennale, and the rich archive of the art restoration Studio Merlini-Storti, who also took care of selection and sequencing of the images. Studio Creativo Marco Capasso, who specialise in innovative communication, have merged the images into a unique visual experience by way of imaginative digital animation. Finally, the composer Antonio Fresa has created an exciting soundtrack that is in perfect harmony with the images and will transport the viewer into a timeless world.

You art: a contemporary art contest

Director Gianluca Santoni talks about the project You art, promoted by Eni for Quadriennale di Roma 2020. The documentary follows seven teams of schoolchildren and students between the ages of 14 and 19 in Italy, Cyprus, Ghana and the United Arab Emirates. They all took part in a contemporary art challenge based on a debate format, challenging each other from opposing viewpoints. On the screen you see their dreams, their fears and their hopes, from the preparatory stages to the final contest.

Contest "You Art", Quadriennale d'arte 2020

You art