Eni per la nazionale italiana

Eni stands with the Italian national football team

It's been an emotional journey - thank you!

For the second time in history, the Italian national football team are European Champions. Roberto Mancini's Azzurri triumphed at Wembley, winning a tight match against England on penalties. The enthusiasm that has grown match after match for a young team that has enchanted us all with their determination and elegant football, has now been transformed into a joy that courses through the entire nation, from the home crowd to the fans in the stadium, including an emotional Sergio Mattarella.

Our passion for the national team

For Eni, sport is a universal language, a place where cultures meet, with shared values connected to team spirit, personal health, integration and mutual respect.

We have always been behind the Azzurri and the Azzurre (women’s team) and since 2016, we have chosen to be a Top Partner of the 19 national teams of the Italian Football Federation (FIGC). The partnership continues to this day and will go on until 2022, built on shared joys, such as those at Euro 2016 in France, and hard times, such as the road to the World Cup in Russia 2018. Eni stands behind the national team especially at this time of collective rebirth, with Roberto Mancini’s young dynamic team achieving such exciting results in the 2020 European Championship.

A revolution at Eni stations

Eni's energy transition also involves innovation at its service stations. To make a real contribution to sustainable mobility objectives, Eni service stations have been transformed into "mobility points" with services dedicated to mobility, people and the car, also thanks to the new Eni Live App.

Alternative energy vectors are the focus of Eni's new spaces. The development of new Eni Stations also involves the expansion of the electric mobility service, with the installation of fast and ultrafast recharging stations, as well as the introduction of increasingly sustainable fuels, from compressed and liquefied biomethane to hydrogen.

Un mondo che non si ferma mai

We build new solutions for a world that never stops - Italian version

Our training across the country with the Centri Federali Territoriali (federal territorial centres)

Our training across the country with the Centri Federali Territoriali (federal territorial centres)

We have been an Official Partner of the Centri Federali Territoriali (CFT) since 2016, a project which involves Federcalcio monitoring the most promising footballers and looking after their technical growth, providing an additional level of training excellence in parallel with that carried out with clubs.

  • The projects We have been working in this area for more than 30 years, through educational and training projects for schools and young people. The CFTs help us to build closer relationships with communities
  • The objectives. The two main objectives of the CFTs are environmental and social sustainability. We talk to young people about the circular economy, the environment, energy and the future, through workshops, videos and educational activities
  • The themes. We believe that promoting social interaction, together with respect for others, the environment and the rules, is an excellent way to train young people, the citizens of tomorrow
  • The values. We stand with the FIGC and local communities as a sponsor of values. From a focus on health to a sense of belonging, from education to social integration

Eni's commitment to inclusion and interculturalism

The new agreement between Eni and the FIGC provides for the continuation of Rete! Project activities, an initiative set up to use football to promote social and intercultural inclusion for young people joining Sprar/Siproimi Projects (reception and protection system for unaccompanied foreign minors).

The partnership has enabled around 2,000 young people from 13 different Italian regions to be introduced to a new model for civil society, where sport is used to promote ethical behaviour. Improving understanding of the importance of physical activity means valuing its positive impact on health and social development. The Rete! Project was developed by the Federation through its Youth and School Sector and the relevant Regional Coordinators, in agreement with the Interior Ministry, ANCI and the SPRAR/SIPROIMI System. The Fair Play prize is awarded in association with the project and recognises the ethical behaviour of players from the participating teams, adding a new challenge for the five winning teams during the national stages.