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Education for all in Congo

Abstract ALPHA HINDA Initiative is part of the ongoing campaign on the Sustainable Development Goal 4.

In order to promote quality education for all, according to the United Nations 4th Sustainable Development Goal and in response to the need expressed by the populations of the Hinda Integrated Project (PIH) area, Eni Congo in partnership with the Local Departmental Direction of Education of has launched the ALPHA HINDA Initiative through the PIH.

Literacy lessons

Through the promotion of Literacy among adults and young people we contribute to achieving the Sustainable Development Goal 4 to promote quality education for all, in HINDA District.

This community-based initiative is part of the ongoing campaign on the Sustainable Development Goal 4 carried out by the United Nations and consists of creating a Youth and Adult Literacy and Reeducation Centers to enable all young people and a substantial proportion of adults, men and women, to learn how to read, write and count by 2030.

Furthermore, to support and encourage the participation of local communities in this initiative, awareness-raising activities took place in the Loemé-Nangama, Tchibanda, Kondi-Mbaka and Tchikoulou localities targeted primarily by this initiative. In the implementation of the relevant program, nine volunteer animators took part on the training related to strategies of adult education and the writing of teaching sheets, communities in these localities welcomed the initiative with great enthusiasm.

Other projects were launched in order to promote the empowerment of the candidates to literacy through the financing of their own schooling. A project for the development of agricultural activities on the planting of papaya and vegetable crops in each of the four literacy centers was initiated for commercial purposes for the remuneration of the animators.

Half of the revenues of each Center will be used to pay the literacy teachers while the remaining half will be funded into the cooperative's bank account. Literacy is critical to economic development and can improve the quality of life and all community well-being.

Ninety-eight people are actively participating in literacy classes in the already functional centers of Kondi-Mbaka and Tchikoulou, while waiting for the opening of the two others at the next school year.

Through this initiative, Eni Congo is positioning itself as the first actor in Human Development (widening freedoms for all, so that every human being can choose the life he wishes to lead), through the promotion of Literacy in the Project area and thus directly contributes to achieving this goal by responding to the growing demand of local communities. This initiative definitively breaks the chains of illiteracy and illiteracy.