Energy security, sustainability and accessibility

We aim to meet the three pillars of the energy trilemma - environmental sustainability, energy security and accessibility - by diversifying energy sources geographically and technologically.

Energy security is at the heart of global agenda

The International Energy Agency (IEA) defines energy security as the uninterrupted availability of energy sources at an affordable price. Thanks to the geographical diversification of its supplies, Eni has developed a consolidated global portfolio that leverages new discoveries with a rapid time to market, particularly with natural gas. This way, our activities contribute to ensuring a secure, constant and balanced energy supply while maintaining our commitment to reaching the Net Zero target by 2050. In response to the ongoing energy crisis brought about by the challenging international situation, Eni is implementing a plan to increase gas supplies from other countries, thus reaffirming the value of gas as the most reliable source to support the energy transition. Supplies from Algeria, in particular, will double by 2024.

The network of alliances with producer countries and the collaborations with international partners are essential, especially in this context. The main production countries we are working with to expand our gas portfolio are Algeria, Angola, Cyprus, the Republic of the Congo, Egypt, Indonesia, Libya, Mozambique, Nigeria, Norway and Qatar.


Initiatives to diversify the supply of natural gas

Industrial operations and agreements with producing countries which we are expanding our global portfolio with.

The liquefied natural gas revolution

What is LNG and why is it important? Technology and investments are giving rise to a genuine energy revolution based on LNG. Find out more in this original three-part series from Eni.


The importance of natural gas

Natural gas is a key element of our GHG emissions reduction strategy as it is the fossil fuel with the smallest carbon footprint.

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