Dipendenti Eni in ufficio durante la pandemia da covid 19,  Roma

Covid-19: our commitment, in Italy and worldwide

A challenge to be faced together

The whole of Italy has been faced with an unprecedented situation: the Covid-19 health emergency has changed our lives, putting us all to the test. In the face of this challenge, we have joined forces and made our skills available to respond hand in hand with the rest of the country.

Claudio Descalzi

During a global emergency such as this, we must mobilise all available resources to overcome the challenge we face. We at Eni are honoured to be able to contribute to trying to find solutions for this challenge for humanity.

Claudio Descalzi
Medico in abbigliamento sanitario durante la pandemia da Covid-19

Eni's know-how at Italy’s service

We have provided immediate support, drawing on the experience we gained in past pandemics, such as SARS-CoV-1 and Ebola. We have mobilised significant resources in economic terms, and in terms of human and technological capital, to support our country, our people and the communities where Eni operates. We have put in place an extensive series of medical and social activities, launching important initiatives to support local health structures in the places where we operate.

The economic commitment of the many projects, such as being the sole partner of Agostino Gemelli University Policlinic in building its COVID 2 Hospital in Rome (formerly the private Columbus Hospital), has amounted to approximately 35 million euros.

We have also made the HPC5 supercomputer available for research to support the scientific community in fighting the Covid-19 pandemic. In the field of communication, we have financed public information campaigns with the Italian Federation of general practitioners on the role of the family doctor as the primary point of contact in the fight against Covid-19, as well as a campaign to inform the elderly about services available for their daily needs when they were unable to leave their homes for an extended period.

In addition, we have made Doblò Cargo Enjoy available for the delivery of medical equipment donated by Eni to local health authorities and hospitals.

In the Versalis plant in Crescentino (near Vercelli), we have also started production of a new line of hand sanitiser, whose active ingredient is ethanol, obtained from raw vegetable material, to support the still widespread demand in Italy for this personal protective equipment.


Our supercomputer mathematical operations carried out per second by HP

We are involved in the EXSCALATE4CoV European project to identify the safest and most promising medicines in the fight against Covid-19.

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The economic impact of the Covid-19 pandemic

2020 will be remembered for the global health crisis caused by Covid-19 and the impact it had on global economies, energy consumption and society as a whole. The deeper effects of this crisis will be even more evident, in particular, in non-OECD countries.

The Covid-19 pandemic touched the lives of all humanity, with far-reaching consequences for economic activity, the freedom of movement of people and the energy sector. The contraction in global oil demand was the highest on record, at around -9%. In the face of market discontinuity on this scale, Eni reacted quickly, demonstrating its ability to find the strength, resources and adaptability to overcome crises in difficult times. During the most acute phase of the downturn, we took decisive steps to strengthen the Company's financial resilience and capital stability by setting clear priorities for cash allocation. We revised our short- to medium-term plans by reducing our cost and investment outlays by €8 billion over the 2020-2021 period, and adapted our production growth profile accordingly.

Despite the major impact of the crisis on our cash income, which contracted significantly compared to forecasts at the beginning of the year, as a result of these actions we managed to generate an adjusted cash flow of €6.7 billion.

In the face of the crisis, we seized the moment to strengthen our climate commitment and our role in a just energy transition. Progressing with the change that began in 2014, we have reinforced the strategy that will allow Eni to achieve full carbon neutrality by 2050.

Medico in ospedale

For Eni, people's health is invaluable

During the months of the Covid-19 health emergency, Eni never stopped. From those who ensured production plant continuity, to the thousands of staff engaged in smart working, to those who manned our offices, everyone played their part with a huge sense of responsibility. An internal task force worked every day to ensure the safety of people and workplaces and to provide constant and up-to-date information.