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Covid-19: a challenge we must overcome together

Eni stands with Italy and its people: #togetherwerise

The Covid-19 public health emergency is an unprecedented crisis that is radically changing our lives, putting us all to the test. We will only overcome it by acting together.


During a global emergency such as this, we must mobilize all available resources to overcome the challenges ahead. We are proud to contribute to finding solutions to this challenge facing humanity.

by Claudio Descalzi

Eni’s expertise at Italy’s service

We are supporting everyone on the front line managing the Covid-19 public health emergency in Italy through a series of major initiatives using our wide-ranging experience gained from healthcare projects around the world.

We have acquired and imported, through a special airlift from China, electromedical equipment and personal protective equipment (PPE) for healthcare staff across Italy. Eni has sent huge quantities of critically needed surgical and advanced respirator masks to health facilities in Lombardy, Veneto, Emilia-Romagna, Le Marche, Basilicata, Puglia, Sicily and Sardinia. These supplies, which have been allocated on the basis of each facility’s needs, also include around 600 ventilators, portable oximeters, syringe pumps, patient monitors and intensive care beds.

Among many other commitments, which will total approximately €35 million, we are also the sole commercial partner in the creation of the Covid 2 Hospital in Rome.

HPC5: a research supercomputer

We have made our HPC5 supercomputing infrastructure and molecular modelling skills freely available for coronavirus research, offering the highest quality tools and resources to the fight against this global emergency.

This collaboration is part of the European Exscalete4Cov initiative, which is bringing together leading institutions and research centres from Italy and across Europe to identify the safest and most promising drugs to tackle coronavirus. We are contributing to the project in partnership with Cineca, a non-profit research consortium that includes universities, national research centres and the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research. Our joint team will carry out dynamic molecular simulations of viral proteins whose methods of infection are similar to Covid-19 to identify the most effective pharmaceutical compounds from a potential list of around 10,000. Following this, research will be carried out for new specific antiviral molecules through screening billions of molecular structures.

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Together in research: collaboration is strength


Our supercomputer against the COVID-19 pandemic

Eni is committed to the EXSCALATE4CoV project seeking to find the safest and most promising drugs to fight coronavirus.

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