Material aspects include priority issues for Eni's relevant stakeholders and identify key challenges and opportunities across the business chain for long-term value creation.

Strict goals, flexible priorities

Every year, in order to identify the relevant and priority issues for Eni and its stakeholders, Eni updates the materiality analysis used for the Strategic Plan and Sustainability Report. The following stages are involved in this analysis:

1. Identifying the relevant aspects based on the concept of dual materiality, and considering a dual perspective.

  • INSIDE-OUT: issues reflecting the significant effective or potential, negative or positive impact related to Eni’s activities and its value chain;
  • OUTSIDE-IN: sustainability risks and opportunities that could impact on the organisation’s development, performance and position.

2. Involvement by Top Management and main stakeholders: once the relevant aspects have been identified, these are then prioritised with the direct involvement of Top Management and a representative sampling of Eni’s main stakeholders, who complete an online questionnaire.

3. Prioritisation given to the relevant issues: the outcomes from the questionnaire, combined with the outcomes of the 2021 risk assessment 2021 relating to ESG risks, provide an order of priority to the material topics for the 2021 sustainability reporting, represented by TIER 1-2-3 in the Priority Material Issues table.

 4. Sharing and confirmation from the Governance Bodies: management involved in the non-financial reporting process confirmed the material topics, which were then submitted in turn to the Sustainability and Scenarios Committee and the Board of Directors.

The topics identified form the basis for the content in this Sustainability Report.

Eni's material sustainability topics

CARBON NEUTRALITY BY 2050 Climate action/Reduction of GHG emissions    
  Low carbon technologies    
OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE Relations with customers  
  Development of human capital  
  Diversity, inclusion and work-life balance    
  Workers' health and safety.  
  Asset integrity.  
  Reduction of environmental impacts  
  Circular economy    
  Respect for human rights  
  Responsible supply chain management    
  Transparency, anti-corruption and tax strategy.  
  Local content    
  Local development    
CROSS-CUTTING TOPICS Digitalisation and cyber security    

Eni for 2021 - Full version

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