I progetti Eni per la diversificazione economica

Our plan of economic diversification

We support start-up projects

In line with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 8, we commit to promoting lasting, inclusive, sustainable economic growth, full, productive employment and dignified work in all the countries we work in. With this in mind, we have started several plans to develop small businesses. These have helped improve families’ living conditions and, at the same time, local development in their countries. We currently offer the chance to invest in this kind of project in Ghana and Nigeria. We give our beneficiaries in those countries financial support, kits with the material they need to start up and suitable vocational training. In Kenya and Mozambico, meanwhile, we have set up a number of business incubation initiatives, which help start up new businesses.

I progetti Eni per la diversificazione economica

Supporting young entrepreneurs in Nigeria

Since 1987 we have been helping improve living conditions in communities in the Niger Delta, by training and supporting young people interested in making their mark in agriculture.

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Training for agriculture and business in Ghana

To encourage local entrepreneurship, we have set up a campus that teaches the necessary skills to start up new businesses.

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The Okuafo Pa project in Ghana, as told by its small business owners.

My father was a chicken farmer. Once I’ve learnt enough from the training, I’d like to carry on his work at the poultry company.

Beneficiary of the Okuafo Pa project

Progetti per la diversificazione economica in Africa

In Ghana we are starting up new businesses cheap

The LRP is a small business programme that helps start up agricultural projects, like livestock and fishing, and sustainable small businesses.

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New businesses to help Mozambique develop

Our business immersion events for small and medium companies help local business grow.


Training helps us come up with useful tools for innovation for us as entrepreneurs, but also improves our teamwork and customer relations. We’ve been on the market for about eight months, but we came prepared, thanks in part to the skills we learnt at the #Ideate boot camp.

Hercílio Alberto Chinguvo

I nostri progetti per la diversificazione economica

Kenya's new businesses create shared value

The plan for incubating new businesses in the country has created jobs and given economic support to young people.

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Helping our farmers with training has been a key and integral factor for us. I've always believed that empowering farmers means building a more sustainable business. As a company, we leverage technology to bring widespread training to farmers.

Samuel Munguti (Farmers’ Pride)

Our presence in the world

“Our global presence means we are aware of the challenges the planet currently faces.” (Claudio Descalzi)