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Annual Report 2019

PDF 6.78 MB
PDF 6.78 MB
Eni's interactive report for 2019

Eni's interactive report for 2019

We are writing our reports differently. We use statistics and infographics to show the results of our work in images.

Investor Tools

Information and tools at your fingertips.

Eni’s non-financial performance: ESG data

ESG data measure non-financial performances and provide guidance in setting out Eni’s Long-Term Strategic Plan to 2050 and Action Plan 2020-2023. Use buttons below the charts for data print and download in JPEG, PDF and EXCEL formats.

2015-2019 ESG data

EXCEL 78.59 KB
EXCEL 78.59 KB

Investor Relations - Mailing list

To receive information regarding Eni's financial calendar, press releases and more.

Shareholder assessments

A clear and easy-to-read chart showing the opinions of the analysts and banks that follow Eni and an overview of their recommendations and forecasts compared against results achieved.