Annual Charts – Operating data

Here you can find the annual operating data* by business sector. For ease of use, the charts are grouped by macro areas.

What the tool does

This flexible and effective tool allows you to analyse and display, in different ways, operational data by business sector. Using this tool you can:

  • select different KPIs and compare specific data
  • view the data both graphically and in tabular format
  • define the years of reference
  • export data in Excel format, PDF and jpeg print the data.

*Effective January 1, 2016, management elected to change the criterion to recognize exploration expenses adopting the successful-effort-method (SEM). The successful-effort method is largely adopted by oil&gas companies, to which Eni is increasingly comparable given the recent re-focalization of the Group activities on its core upstream business. In accordance to IAS 8 “Accounting policies, Changes in accounting estimates and Errors”, the SEM application is a voluntary change in accounting policy explained by the alignment with an accounting standard largely adopted by oil&gas companies and as such it has been applied retrospectively for the 2015 and 2014 years.